Sunday, March 7, 2010

Sunday Best

This morning I woke up and prepared to make Sunday breakfast for my family. It is one of the times that we are all actually together at the same time. There is no hustle and bustle going on, we can actually sit down at the table and enjoy each others company before our Sunday meeting.

It feels good.

As the coffee was brewing, and the sausage was sizzling I was getting the plates ready to set the table. Like always I grabbed our everyday plates and our everyday coffee mugs to set our table and I had a thought. "Why not use my 'good plates'? " You see, I have 2 sets of "good plates" that I inherited from a very, very dear relative. They are so precious to me that I rarely ever use them. I like to look at them from time to time in the cabinet with admiration and on occasion I pull them out for our "special" guests. However, it dawned on me that although not guests, my family is SPECIAL. So why not use these pretty dishes for them too?

So right away I put back the everyday plates for us everyday people and brought the special dishes for the special people in my life. As we sat down to enjoy our meal, my kids began to say "wow! it looks like we are rich today!" Which began a brief dialogue and lesson for our family:

Remember to appreciate each day, Each of us are special and we don't need a special day to enjoy some of our special things. Tomorrow is not promised to anyone, so don't wait for it to enjoy today.

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