Monday, March 1, 2010

No need to be all SNOOTY about it!

Okay it is Monday and I feel a need to vent. Generally I don't like to complain but what's up with peoples attitudes these days? It really isn't necessary to act..." cold blooded !" (in my Dave Chappelle, Rick James Chronicles voice)

The last couple of days I have been reaching out to some people I've met at networking events, that I THOUGHT were great. Looking for an opportunity to connect in business. However, it seems that after a 5 or ten minute conversation or email with them, THEY are NOT so great.

Is it because some people are only out for themselves? Perhaps they have reached a higher level and they feel above others? I'm not sure what the problem is, but I know one thing. I don't appreciate being treated like I'm a scrub. I am far from that. I have always tried to treat people with dignity and respect, to honor their light which is in my presence. So, I am very taken aback when I am not treated in like manner. It is downright disturbing to my spirit.

Needless to say, each of those persons have been removed from my Rolodex. I do not want to work now nor in the future with anyone who has a snooty demeanor. The world is so full of fake people and folks with unscrupulous business practices, but I do not have to choose to work with them. They are not deserving of MY light.

So, I end this post with a bible verse that I learned a lesson from years ago:
"Let him who thinks he is standing beware that he does not fall" 1Corinthians 10:12....
A little humility goes a long way.

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