Friday, July 31, 2009

That's the power of Pine sol..ooops! I mean Patchouli!

Have you seen the Pine sol commercials? You know the ones where the man starts to scream out "whoo!", "yeah!" and the woman says "Now that's the power of Pine sol baby!" Well I had an experience that reminded me of it the other day. I was invited to a lovely relaxation event for blogger's Thursday night at the Palomar Hotel downtown Atlanta...Ahem! Which btw was so lovely and refreshing. Anyway, While at home preparing to go, I thought since we were going to be in an eco friendly hotel and learning stress relief tips I should wear an essential oil in my hair. You know, to kinda create a nice mood for myself. Set the tone for the evening.
Once I got to the Palomar, I stepped onto the elevator with a few other folks. As the Elevator fills, We casually nod to each other. Each one quietly involved in their own thoughts, enjoying the soothing sounds of a cross between Caribbean and easy listening music. Then breaking the peace, This man says in a VERY loud voice "WHO HAS ON PATCHOULI? WHO IS WEARING PATCHOULI?" Everyone including myself is startled. since he is speaking loudly in a small space. (maybe he had a few drinks from the bar) I then boldly speak up acknowledging that it was I. Curious that this (at least 15 yr my senior) man knew what Patchouli was I asked him "what do you know about that?" LOL! What did I say that for? He tells me "oooohhh whoooo, mmm mmm! YOU need to be getting off on the same floor as me!" I stood there amused and in amazement at his frankness and chuckled to myself, while mentally Poppin' my colla. All the while holding back from screaming out the elevator door as he exited on his floor "That's the power of Patchouli, Baby!"

*Here is some inside info for those of you who may not be familiar with Patchouli essential oil.*
Patchouli is known for it's many medicinal properties. It has the ability to help with skin inflammation, fungal infections, Acne, Eczema to name a few. However it has also been used for hundreds of years as a great aphrodisiac. Patchouli Oil has been good for treating sexual problems such as impotency, loss of libido and interest in sex, erectile problems, frigidity etc. Most people reactions to it's scent are one of two choices, love it or hate it.

If I had to make a wild guess, I'm thinking the older gentleman in the elevator LOVED it! Hehehehehe guess I better be careful the next time I wear it, never know who I may meet in the elevator!

Just because I think it's funny, check out the pine sol commercial I found on Youtube that this experience reminded me of

Thursday, July 23, 2009

I think I can! I think I can!

Over the past 5 years I have been an entrepreneur. Some of those years successful and some not so successful. I am a person who thrives off of creativity....kinda like "when I'm hot, I'm hot and when I'm not I'm not." I often get creativity in waves, the times of which my mind is going "boom, boom, pow!" During these times I come up with some pretty cool projects that I absolutely love. But when I cool down, I have trouble with keeping things going. I have been thinking lately of really focusing on being consistent. Consistency seems to be the key (duh) but sometimes it seems like the only thing I am consistent on, is being INCONSISTENT. I really wish I could afford to hire a manager and marketing professional...but, I digress.

I know that I have many great talents and abilities and because of them I refuse to give up on my entrepreneurial spirit. So, I continue to look for more pathways to aid me in staying focused. I must admit, reading blogs from other women like myself (small business owners and WAHM) I get energized and inspired to continue pushing through with my own plans. If they can do it, then so can I. So, thanks to all the blogs and women out there who unknowingly inspire me to keep it going! Some of the networking sites that make me Think I Can are: , , and where I meet many inspiring women entrepreneurs focused on reaching their goals and having fun while doing it.

Currently I am working on some new projects, and trying to revive some oldie but goodies too. I am excited about them, and most importantly I am focused on it (well at least I'm trying to be).

So, that's all for now...

Sunday, July 19, 2009

You're too good to be true,cant take my mind off you.

Here is the scene: A picnic at the park with friends, all types of delicious food spread out for "my" enjoyment. Yummy salads, Plenty of fresh fruit, good smelling things on the grill slathered with sauce and tasty cakes & cobblers. But then I see IT. Sitting there torturing me with IT's tantalizing smell and looking so nice and yellow. Immediately I am drawn to IT and with out a second wasted I am spooning out a heap of goodness on my plate. It not only looked and smelled good IT TASTED good...

Fast forward 7 days later. I can't take my mind off IT, I keep craving IT. Finally I breakdown, and knock on the door of the owner of this dish and shamelessly begged for the recipe. She was even so kind as to give me some of the ingredients fresh from her garden. Oh happy, happy, joy, joy! I went home with a song in my heart and a skip in my step. I got the recipe to make this delicious dish and IT's MINE! ALL MINE!...Well, now it's yours too, hehehe

5 yellow squash cut up into small chunks / slices
One onion diced or sliced
1/2 stick of butter
One Potato sliced thin
Velveeta cheese

In a skillet melt the butter on medium to low heat
Add the squash and onions
Next layer, the potato slices and then the rest of the squash.
Cover with a lid and let simmer for about 30 minutes or so.
Once the Potatoes are tender, add slices of Velveeta (about 4 oz. or more if you like a lot of cheese)
when the cheese is melted the dish is ready to be served! Enjoy!

I bet once you try this you'll be singing the same tune..."Your just too good to be true can't take my eyes off of you......"

Thursday, July 16, 2009

The soundtrack of our love

Do you remember the song you heard when you first fell in love? Or the song that was playing when you went out on that special first date? I do, and it seems like lately I've been hearing "our songs" alot.

It just strikes at a totally unexpected time, I'm in my car minding my own business and bing! I hear it, and in comes the warm and fuzzies like a flood. Then the butterflies start up right on Que, just like it was yesterday. My mind takes me back through 18 years when I was just a senior in highschool...Wow! Oh the fun times, the joy of feeling like nothing else even mattered but he and I. The late night phone calls only to hang up and call each other again as soon as we woke. Finding any and every excuse to be together and sometimes it felt like even that wasn't enough. I know, sickening right? Hehehehe.

Well, recently after going down memory lane musically, I thought to myself "what would the soundtrack of our happiest moments be like?" From that thought came a play list that I created based on the songs that I thought my hubby and I shared a common sentiment about.

Wanna hear it? Here it go:
Creating the soundtrack of your love is very romantic, and is a great way to "stir it up" with your #1. I've shown you my soundtrack of love, what songs would you add to your own soundtrack?

Thursday, July 9, 2009

For the love of a sister

I'll admit it, I'm a little needy at times.
I'm a sucker for a nice compliment.
I do know my own worth, but I will
acknowledge that I at times thrive
off the validation of my worth from
those whom I love.

Heck, I don't know... And I'm sure there
is some one out there who would be good at
analyzing my psyche. However, Now isn't the time.
I just wanna tell my story. (feel free to contact me later*wink*)

So, my 22 yr old sister sends me a text:
2:53 pm
"Hey do you know how to make zucchini bread?"
MY reply
"I have a recipe for it at home, but I don't know it right off. I can send it to you"
Her reply 3:02 pm
"Can you just make it for me:-)"
MY reply
"lol, maybe"
Her reply
"Come on you know you want to! Flex those Black Martha Stewart skills"

INTERJECTION, inside info- I heart Martha Stewart, she is so creatively awesome. I secretly want to be her.

My reply (trying to play it tough & cool)
"Maybe. Don't try to hype me up...hehehe"

The result?
You know it. I was in the store gathering the ingredients.
I had been caught in the web! And I knew it. I was gettin' played.
But for the love of a sister, I was going along for the ride and I liked it.

As I began preparing, mixing up the ingredients for this lovely loaf,
which I so knowingly was suckered into, I added something extra.
One cup of hugs, a half a cup of kisses and a splash of sisterly hopes and dreams.

This is the result:

The follow up text:

3:02 pm
"Are you home today?"
Her reply
"No, @ work"
My reply
"All day?...awww too bad. Guess u wont be able to eat your ZUCCHINI BREAD."
Her reply
"Did you add walnuts?"
My reply
" I did"
Her Reply
"OMG! Your the best"
My reply (trying to be cool and tough)
"yeah yeah, that's what you say to all the sisters. I'm just a sucka for flattery"
All the while, I'm smiling from ear to ear. Because even if only for a moment due to my culinary skills...I enjoyed feeling needed and appreciated.
*Want the recipe for this yummy Zucchini bread? Click below

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Eat your Spinach

I really enjoy a good meal, especially one that I have made on my own. I love to collect recipes, and recipe books. I love it even more when I have a good recipe that gets my daughter to eat her veggies.

This morning I made a simple breakfast that consisted of Feta cheese, eggs, fresh spinach, fresh tomatoes, and onions. It is not my original recipe, but I love it just the same. It provides a little bit of everything (protein, dairy, vegetables). I am still on my vegetarian voyage, and so this was right up my alley, my daughter "hates anything green" but with a little prodding from me even she ate this dish. The verdict? Luvs it! She even asked for seconds. I think I found a winner here.

The dish is easy to make:
2 eggs
diced onions, the amount is up to personal taste. ( i love lots of onions)
a hand full of fresh spinach, cut or whole pieces
dice a quarter of a tomato
two table spoons of Low fat Feta
*Double the ingredients for more servings*
Pour into a heated pan, lightly oiled with olive oil and scramble. Serve hot and enjoy.
* be creative, add mushrooms, sprouts, red, green, yellow peppers and even add a side of baked or grilled salmon.*

Monday, July 6, 2009

Some things are never too early to test for

With the birth of a new baby, every mother experiences the emotional roller coaster of sheer joy and nagging fear. For the duration of 9 + mos prior to the delivery, we take all the necessary steps to ensure good health and early detection of illness via the ultrasounds, monthly blood work for the labs, and prenatal vitamins.

When I gave birth to both of my children, one of my first thoughts and first words were; "is the baby healthy?" I was concerned about their little bodies functioning properly, and like any mother in the labor and delivery room I was relieved to hear the doctor give the children a clean bill of health.

Imagine my fears though, when my 2 month old daughter began to display what looked to me like signs of a vision problem. I tried to push my fears aside, telling myself it was just my imagination, but my husband and I could no longer keep those thoughts at bay after a well care checkup with her pediatrician revealed similar concerns. After a follow up visit, it appeared that my daughter's symptoms began to dissipate and she no longer concerned the doctor and therefore did not require any further testing. What a relief!

Reflecting on my own personal experience in dealing with a possible vision problem in the past with my infant, it is no wonder that I felt it was a privilege to help spread the word about the ENFANT PEDIATRIC VEP VISION TESTING SYSTEM.

The ENFANT PEDIATRIC VEP VISION TESTING SYSTEM is a unique and non-invasive pediatric vision test that can be given to children as young as 6 months! With the utilization of the Enfant system, Doctors are able to test for various vision problems such as amblyopia(commonly known as lazy eye), optic nerve disorders, and refractive errors. Which I believe is wonderful, considering the fact that vision disorders are the fourth most common disability among children in the U.S., according to the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP).

Although this device can be used on children of all ages, the recommendation by the American Academy of Pediatrics is that "Children should have routine vision screenings starting at six months of age" ( I know, I was surprised to learn that as well). I bet you are wondering, "how can my baby, who cannot speak be tested for vision deficits?" This is what I think is so cool about this device! It uses Visual Evoked Potential to discover the deficits. This is done by evaluating the child's response to an external stimulus along the entire visual pathway from the lens of the eye to the visual cortex of the brain, thereby not requiring a verbal response. Click HERE to see a video on this.

Here is a list of some important facts regarding the ENFANT PEDIATRIC VEP VISION TESTING SYSTEM:

  • Utilizes clinically proven, FDA- approved technology

  • Delivers a 97% sensitivity in detecting visual deficits where and when they exist.

  • Provides immediate, on-site test results in simple, pass/fail format

  • Requires no dilation or sedation for maximum patient safety.

  • Features child-friendly animated characters and graphics accompanied by music.

  • Can be completed in five to seven minutes, contributing to a more than 90% test completion rate.

  • Is currently utilized by more than 250 pediatric practices, and is easily Incorporated into a child's regular well care visit.

  • Stimulates the vision system with a specific pattern to elicit electrical signals to the visual cortex of the brain.

  • Uses objective, statistical analysis to assess the child's neurological response to the stimuli, and compares the two eyes to determine if asymmetries are present.

  • If asymmetries are present, the patient is referred to an eye care specialist for further evaluation.

To learn about some of the more subtle warning signs of vision problems in young children, an online vision assessment quiz has been created at . The quiz is simple and only takes a few minutes (really) to complete. I took the quiz and I would like to encourage you to take it too. If after taking this brief quiz, you have been made aware that there are areas in which there is a potential vision problem with your child please know further assistance is not out of reach. There are 21 states from which you may locate a pediatric office performing the VEP testing. Go to to find your local office.

So, if you are a concerned parent (and I know you are), remember that early intervention and detection is vital for healthy vision. Help spread the word!