Monday, July 25, 2011

It's about that time to do it again

Like most parents I am about to start prepping for the first day of school. It's that time of year when there is excitement, anxiety and annoyance all rolled in one. OMG! I hate having to deal with the long lines at the local Walmart and the department stores looking for the best bargains on pencils, paper and the coolest must have tween clothing accessories. Don't get me wrong I love the bargains, I just hate feeling like I'm in competition with a million other parents to get them.

Then there is the anxiety of wondering who the new teacher is going to be. What type of kids will be in class with my kids every day? It's back to packing lunches and handing out lunch money. Or in my case, having to apologize to my kids because I forgot to give them the a'fore mentioned items which results in an embarrassing situation with the cafeteria lady giving my kid a PB &J wrapped in wax paper and a cup for water until they come back with cash. Those lunch ladies are merciless I tell ya!And of course filling out all those doggone papers the first two weeks. I just about feel like I'm buying my house all over again with all the paper signing that I have to do.

Then, there is the happy side that I enjoy so much. That look of excitement that is on their faces when they are looking on the list to see where they have been assigned, hoping that their classroom buddies from last year will be with them this year. It's that sense of pride I get when I hear each child tell me how much harder they will work this school term than they did the year before. Without a doubt, they always looks so cute rockin' the new outfits on the first day. It's such a confidence booster.

And of course they always make my heart melt when they wave goodbye and blow me kisses as they ride away on the school bus. I quickly get over it however, as I sit at my kitchen table sipping my coffee flavored with caramel macchiato creamer and a dash of cinnamon and nutmeg. Enjoying the sweet sound of quiet.....hmmmmm, oh yeah it's back school time bayyyybeeee! Can't you hear the bells ringing?

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

See, what had happened was...

Yeah, the title of this blog post is kinda how I feel I need to start talking to you guys. I mean looking back I realize I have been away from this blog for about 2 months (gasp!). How could this happen? Me? The one that likes to just talk about almost anything on this site because it is MY creative outlet, was actually not having anything to blog about.

As I was driving into school this morning ( yeah, I'm still there) I was trying to come up with a logical conclusion that made sense to me, and of course you too as to why I did not post. I decided that it started off as writers block...
Then it was because I just did not have anything to write about and then I realized... I could of easily posted a Wordless Wednesday photo and showed you our Chi-Chi-Chi-ChiaPet my husband bought for the kids because it was his one childhood fantasy that never came true (true story).I could have taken a little time to tell you how we even had an opportunity to take a mini vacation with some friends, camping and boating up at Red Top Mountain and Lake Alatoona. You probably would have laughed and shook your head when I told you how we got rained on the very first night and that we would have made any boyscout troop proud by the way we got our tarps up over our tents and campground even in the rain and lightening. Then in spite of it all, still had a perfect campfire just long enough after the storm to satisfy the kids craving for s'more's.Oh and yeah, there was that time my daughter had her emotional melt down all due to the American Girl doll I promised her 4 years ago, THAT I NEVER GOT HER...
...#sheesh That was a nightmare.

And just to give you something sentimental and mushy to cling to, I should have wrote how just so very recently I came to the realization that my babies are not really babies anymore. How this summer seems like the summer they have grown up more than I want to acknowledge and I wish I could turn back 10 yrs. *sigh*

Yeah, looking back I don't think I have much of an excuse for not blogging. But hey, at least I just caught you up to speed !