Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Mommy blues, laundry woes

I love my husband, I most surely do. long am I gonna have to wait for my dryer to get fixed? Seriously, I am so tired of going to the laundromat to dry my families clothes. I mean, not that I'm above it or anything. Most of my childhood, I grew up in New York City and in our two bedroom apartment we did not have a washer and dryer. Along with our neighbor's, we would lug our week's worth of dirty laundry down five flights of stairs to the laundromat on the corner and clean our clothes every Saturday morning. That is what we were used to. When we moved to Georgia it was the same scenario. Small apartment and no personal washer and dryer. It would be a few more years before we had a house with enough space for our own washer and dryer. Even when I moved out and had my own place, I continued the lifestyle of going to the laundromat to clean my clothes. But once again, It was what we were used to and what we always did.

Now, flash forward years later. I am married with a family and have my own home. For about 15 years I have had the comfort of having my own washer and dryer. So ,I am not so accustomed to going to the laundromat every week as I once was. Our dryer broke down 5 months ago and it still is not working. I went from washing one to two loads a day per week to washing one day a week and toting 3-4 loads to the laundromat to dry each week. I think I've had my fill of this situation. I need my dryer to be fixed! We cannot go on this way, seriously I'm drowning in my laundry! I'm drowning! I'm drowning ! I'm drowning!

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