Sunday, March 14, 2010

Can I do it?

As most folks know I have been pressing on in a new business venture with Be.Beautifully.Well, a mobile service. Offering massage, reflexology, and aromatherapy we are really pushing ahead. But, can I just say it is such a brain boggler?! I guess this is true of all new business ventures, I am often overwhelmed by the constant tweaking that is needed to be done in order to build a business that I am proud of. So far we have had a good measure of success, according to the wonderful testimonies that we hear.*woot!*

What is inescapable in the trenches of my mind are the nudging's of doubt. Doubts are there, I keep pushing them back. Trying not to listen to the esteem crashing words. Somehow, they wiggle their way back to the forefront of my mind. I find myself, stepping into realms that are not very familiar to me and like a moth to a flame I am drawn to it. I often wonder if I am the only one who feels this way, but after listening to others I know that I am not.

Have you ever felt like the thing that you want is right at your fingertips? If you...
It's yours!
It is that continual feeling that keeps me moving ahead and pressing on in spite of my fears. I am happy to have my blogging as an outlet in which I can express myself and release what I am feeling. Honestly, sometimes it's better than therapy!

Soooooo, now that I have let that off of my chest i'm gonna end my post right here. What? I got a business to run!

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