Friday, March 26, 2010

A soldier of Love- Sade has struck a cord

I don't know what it is about this song that has just captivated me, but I am totally engrossed in it. Over the years I have liked a few songs by Sade just like the majority of the population, however I would not ordinarily consider myself her "fan". With this new album though, I have felt myself become her fan. Is it the beat of the drum or the strum of the guitar that I hear?Or is it really just parts of the lyrics that are resonating within me right now? It seems that due to all of the things I have been through with certain familial relationships, that I have a soldier-like approach at times. Well, at least I want to have that type of approach. Absolutely, I feel the need to protect my heart from harmful effects of toxic relationships without losing my ability to still serve love greatly and deeply. I totally get what she is saying ..."it's a wild, wild west. Doing my best. To stay alive." Often times I feel like it is a battle to continue to fight for love....not so much to have to love others (that is easy). But the fight is to continue to always love myself ....I have to be a soldier of love sometimes, because I am worth the fight.

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