Friday, August 5, 2011

Working in the yard teaches lessons about relatinships

I don't know how many of my readers know this about me, but I really enjoy working in my yard. If you did not know this, then I was amiss somewhere in my blogging here on this site. Well, I guess it just makes for some new material huh?

Anyway, The other day I was working in my backyard and as I was digging a hole big enough to fit my new butterfly bush, *insert BIG smile* I was having a hard time. The ground was hard and I had to soften it with water, the sun was beaming hot and I had to really work to get the rocks out so that the soil was more suitable. As I was doing this work I thought about how my hard work will pay off. How proud I will be when I see my bush blooming and attracting beautiful butterfly's.

As I scooped in the hand fulls of dirt, I started thinking. Because that's what I do when I work in my yard. There's something about running my fingers through the soil that makes me reflective and peaceful. My thoughts about my hard work led me to thinking about my relationships. They too are hard work sometimes. They require cultivating. Digging, softening, and proper nurturing even during tough conditions. Sometimes they are not easy and just like with working in the yard, it can sometimes be trial and error. Requiring some education either through previous experience, books or assistance from a friend. Whether it is a new or old plant, new or old reationship, you don't have a guarantee of the success of it's growth. However, because you want to see the fruits of your labor you work hard at it. It requires patience along the way because some plants (relationships) take longer than others to produce a bud. It is a fact though, that if you do nothing then you get nothing, only a dried up, lifeless stub of what could have been, not a pretty sight. As a gardener or as a person in any relationship, when you do your best according to YOUR best and with good intent there is satisfaction to be found.

So appropriate and in line with my thoughts, is the topic for conversation on Love On The Radio. A Blogtalk radio show hosted by my friend Swarthy Daisy and my business partner with Be.Beautifully.Well , LadyLovelyPeace. Each week during the month of August they will be discussing Love and Relationships with the author of the book: Loves Gumbo, by Brooke Brimm.
If you are like me and you welcome open dialogue, awareness and tips to keep your relationships in bloom, Join in and listen. They discuss critical points in relationships with :
  • Self
  • Mate
  • Friends
  • Family
There will be an e-book give away for Love's Gumbo each week to one of the participants of the Twitter party as well. That is aaawwwwesome ! This week the twitter party was all kinds of juiciness as well as the show. Honey, don't miss it next week, Follow us on twitter and be ready for next week's party. Find any of us : @hicksgirls93 @LadyLovelyPeace @SwarthyDaisy @1LoveOnTheRadio @BeautifullyWell #LuvChat

...BTW How you like my gardeners outfit? Cute, Right? ;)