Monday, June 29, 2009

Quality Family Time

In today's society we are often surrounded by technology, sometimes overwhelmed by it. With cable t.v., the Internet, traveling game systems and high tech cellphones it can be so easy to disconnect from our family, too far and few in between is the quality time that families are spending with each other. My family is no exception, we have been guilty of this, why? because it is just so easy to sit around on our butt's.

Plain n' simple.

Recently we decided to turn off the t.v. (at least for a few hours) and head to the local state park. Oh what fun! the kids brought their swim suits and as soon as we found a great spot overlooking the lake, with a table and grill, they jumped in. I'm so happy that they enjoy and are comfortable in the natural surroundings.

It was so nice outside, the sounds of the boats riding by and happy children. Hubby and I got to talk (I know right?!real one on one convo!). I brought a book and just fell in love with life all over again. How could I not? When sitting amongst the beauty of creation with the ones you love, it just happens.

I just hope we continue to remember what we love the most ,which is not the technology we are swamped with, but the quality time spent being active outside with each other. The best part of it all is that it costs little to nothing to do it. You can't beat that in these hard economic times.

My hubby and I even decided that we were going to implement a NO T.V. week, every month...ahem! yep! you read me right....NO T.V. for one whole week. Sounds drastic? Well sometimes ya gotta do what ya gotta do. We will get outdoors, finish up projects, and play board games ( which BTW, we love) . If you like board games too and want something new to add to your quality family time, go to this website ; for suggestions to get you started.

The weather is great and you have your love ones around gotta get up, get out and do somethin'.

Saturday, June 27, 2009

Getting Lost is okay

Have you ever started off on one track only to end up on another? With a particular plan to do something but then some other force moves you to do something else?

Yeah, well that's what happened today. I started off going to the store to get some hair products, cause, you know, a sistah's locs are beginning to look less than fabulous. So anyway, off I go on my journey but then it was such a nice Georgia day, and my kiddies were off with their daddy.

Ooohh! I. felt. FREE.

One store led to another, then another, next thing I know 6 department stores later I'm sitting in a Borders book store sipping on a Latte reading chapter one of a good book I "stumbled" upon. Hmmph! I was in a zone.

I mean, I realize I turned a 30 minute quick run to the beauty supply store into a 6 hour trek. But hey! daddy and the kids should be able to take care of themselves without me (if they know what I know, they'd let me steal my moments so I gain back bits of sanity)

So if one day you find yourself wandering aimlessly from store to store only to wind up in the serenity of a quiet bookstore sipping your favorite hot beverage of choice, missing for hours at a time. Don't panic, this is a normal side effect....YOUR A MOMMY.

Thursday, June 25, 2009


I say what I want:
Please go upstairs and clean your room.
Please go to the laundry room, gather you clothes and put them away.
Please tidy your bathroom when you make a mess. A considerate spot check is sufficient.
This is what I get:
Clothes all over the floor, along with toys, books and other miscellaneous items.
Laundry floor covered with clothes that have NOT been put away by their owners.
Bathroom.....hmmph!, you don't even want to KNOW what I got in there.
This is what they want:
We wanna go to the pool. Because we're hot.
We wanna watch t.v., our favorite show is on.
We wanna just do what we wanna do, when we wanna to do it, at all times.
This is what they get:
No pool time today, even if it is 91 degrees outside.
No t.v., catch the show another time. (besides that icarly show is a repeat anyway).
They will not do what they wanna do, when they wanna do it, at all times.
Hence, the Mean Mommy strikes again.
Dah-dah, dah -dah!

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

The love of a boy

Today, was nice and slightly unusual. Not unusual that my daughter went to hang out with her bff for the day, but unusual that my son and I were left alone. Although I spend most of my days with my son, it is not often that he and I are totally alone together. I don't really know or remember when this began in our relationship. I just know that I can't remember the last time it was just the two of us, all day.

Many of our days are filled with Do's & Don'ts, Yes & No's, and time outs. However today was special. When he asked me to take him to his favorite store (Game Stop) to trade in his video games, I didn't object. I said "yes" and I didn't even complain. We stopped an a local arts & crafts store and instead of getting him what I wanted him to have, I gave him the opportunity to pick out what HE wanted. We decided to take our puppy Isabelle to the park to walk and play. Prior to getting there we stopped and got an ice cream, just he and I. We got to the park and began walking, laughing, joking and enjoying the scenery...Just He and I. As we made our way to the edge of a small pond, admiring the ducks and feeling the warmth of the beautiful sunset. My son said to me in the simplest, most matter of fact tone that I know was not matter of factly in feeling " Mom, this is a great mother and son bonding moment."
At that brief second in time, which felt so light, fluffy and sweet, nothing else mattered except...He and I. I realized that sometimes all he wants is for it to be...Just HE and I, simple and true. Sharing the same space, acknowledgement of his individuality, appreciating his uniqueness. Today I made a mental note to self....this will not be the last mother and son bonding moment. It will be a recurring event, beneficial to us both...Just He and I.

Before he was born, I was skeptical about being the mother of a boy. But today was one of those days that I am thankful to LOVE and to HAVE The Love Of A Boy.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Wordless Wednsday's

Ok, so it's not completely wordless, but completely & appropriately descriptive

Friday, June 19, 2009

Isabelle's Series of unfortunate events

Here is Isabelle
This is my kitchen floorThis is Isabelle's Prison Cell
Any questions?
PETA representatives... Don't. Even.Think.About.It....I'm not in the MOOD.

Shout out to my girls!

Today I just want to talk about friends. I really love my friends aka my home girls, my bff's, my sistahsfromanothamotha. I don't have a lot of these type of friends but the ones that I have are really special to me. We don't always talk to each other on the phone, or have weekly Latte meet ups at Starbucks but the times we do share are very dear to me. These ladies make me feel like I can let my loc's down and keep them down as long as we are together.(without judging)

How important is THAT!?

It means a lot to me. I have always appreciated the bonds of sisterhood. Either with my fleshly sisters or those that are kindred spirits with me. Ever since I was a little girl, I was down with GIRL POWER even before it became a popular term. I never could resist a good sleepover where we stayed up all night sharing secrets as we painted our toenails, doing each others hair, sang our favorite songs and taught each other the latest dance moves.

Being married for 16 years gives me a new appreciation for my girlfriend time. I love my Dear hubby but my girlfriends help to keep me in touch with my "innerchild". The little girl inside of me that is footloose and fancy free. A conversation with these ladies often leaves me encouraged, inspired and sometimes just warm and fuzzy. And I hope that I provide the same for them.

In particular, I have two Girlfriend events that are forever set in stone in my heart; Every December my friend Brandee hosts a Big Girl Sleepover for all of her "girls"(now,don't be jealous). Everyone invited gets a special "VIP" invitation. When we get there, she presents us all with a thoughtful, sometimes practical, or just plain fun gift. She always has a cool theme for her sleepover. Last year's theme was my favorite; Stiletto's and Pillows! Everyone came in their favorite Stiletto's, loves it! To make the night even better we all enjoy our favorite adult beverages and let the trash talking begin! We play games, do karaoke and awake to Miss Brandee cooking us a a nice breakfast. I have gained and maintain some forever bonding friendships through this annual event. I never miss it(9 years and counting), even if I have to suffer through a bad kidney infection.....more on that at another time.

Secondly, I have a yearly BFF day with my #1home girl Chante' ( who is also my cousin). I heart her because she keeps it totally real, and makes me do it too. We share a love of so many things. We are very much like kindred souls. We decided to have a day just for us, our own holiday. Last year (our first year), was hilarious! Our one day turned into a full fledged weekend getaway adventure. We were two overstressed wives and mothers who were feeling a little bit like Thelma & Louise. That weekend involved, a Beautiful Bed & breakfast, two bottles of wine, an unstable tire, two police officers and a Train! (don't worry, we didn't break any real laws) Whew! the best time eva...We vowed to keep this ritual going no matter what.

So, Although I may not always have an annual event with all my girlfriends, I am thinking of them, and I appreciate them all for all that they have contributed to my life. To quote my dear friend; "all of my friends collectively make up one great therapist".

Here is my time to end my post and give a little shout out to all my girls, some are tried and true and some new. Each have shared a special moment, or touched my life somehow and who have contributed in some way to helping keep my inner child alive and skipping. .......Andronica, Chante, Brandee, Donna, Melissa, Eileen, Nanette, Susanne, Regina, Melissa G.. Here is a big Hug to ya! MUAH!!
A few pictures from last years BFF Day adventure with my #1 home girl

Here's a cool website that is all about the power of Girlfriends;

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Help with protein in a vegetarian diet

OK, so it has been like 18 days since I last had meat. I'm still in shock over it. I'm just not craving it. Go figure! In any case I began wondering to myself and out loud to a few friends "what can I do for my protein?" and "why do I really need protein?" "how can I get more variety in my meals?" So I've been doing a little research, because I really just didn't know, I mean, do YOU REALLY know, or are you like me and figured you need it (protein) because that's what "they say"? In any case I decided to look it up, and I learned some things. # 1 I need a balanced intake of protein because it helps to build new cells and repair damaged tissues along with protecting and keeping my muscles healthy. Foods that are high in amino acids are a good source of such protein. There are lots more to talk about but, that would make this long post even longer. Hint: Look for a part two of this post.

And although I am NOT against meat ( chances are I may wind up being a part time vegetarian, eating some meat when I get a strong urge), it was interesting to read about how some diseases are related to meat consumption. Such as diabetes, heart disease and cancer, while a vegetarian diet can help lower blood pressure, help build a strong immune system and support a healthy digestive system.

With that stored in the useful information section of my brain, I began looking at what will give me the needed protein. I came across so many websites, OMG! However, I realized that some of the articles I read really just reinforced or reminded me of what I knew already, but have not been practicing for about 2 years.

Here are some practical and tasty things for me (& you) to eat as I continue to challenge myself.

  • A black bean & diced tomato burrito. Add low fat shredded cheese and low fat sour cream
  • Want a burger? It can still be meatless. Click on this link for cool black bean & veggie burger recipes.
  • Here's a meatless chili recipe: Make a pot of vegetarian chill): Stir together 1 15 oz. can of drained kidney beans, 1 cup tomato puree, 1 Tbsp. of instant minced onion and 1 1/2 Tbsp. chili powder. Bring to a boil. Reduce heat and simmer 10 minutes. Top with shredded low-fat cheese and serve with french bread.
  • Of course I cant ever go wrong with wild salmon, tuna, perfect on a plate of green salad

So, those are a few of the meals I plan on implementing always I'll keep posting my progress...If you have any recipes, please email ( them to me or leave them in the comments section. Thanks!!

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

My first Wordless Wednsday

Not supposed to have bread. Reference the picture...'nuff said.

Something Swarthy

Do you like cool and unique clothing? I do too, that's why I have to tell you about this new clothing line I had the opportunity to wear, Swarthy Daisy. First of all I must say that I absolutely love, love, love the Logo! It seems like the Daisy just "spoke" to me (I'm really not crazy). The fabric feels good and fits nicely. It is a style that can be worn by anyone, I think the shirts are perfect for those days when you just want to look simple, but still effortlessly cute.
The designer and owner of Swarthy Daisy, Erica Christie has a great vision for her company and I am eagerly waiting to see how she continues to develop it. She currently has available; shirts for women and really cute bags. Coming soon will be a Swarthy Daisy children's line, as well as a men's line.

So Now, don't just take my word for it. Check out Swarthy Daisy for yourself. Click HERE for her online store and click HERE to check out her awesome blog of randomness!

Monday, June 15, 2009

Make someone's day

Do you like to send out cards to your friends and family? I do, I really enjoy helping to make someones day by sending them a card just because. Even better, it's great when I can send out a nice animated ecard with just a few clicks on my laptop. I was just exposed to a new website for free ecards, and I'm just gonna help spread the word by sharing it with you. Click HERE or just go HERE; to find out what what I'm talking about. Hope it helps you to make someones day!

Sunday, June 14, 2009

My other love

Outside of blogging about homeschooling my children and the random goings on of my life, I have another passion.

I have been certified and practicing Reflexology since 2003. I love it! It is such an amazing modality. There is ear reflexology, hand reflexology and foot reflexology. I primarily use foot reflexology for my clients. I believe it is the most soothing and effective. I was totally amazed when I learned that the human body has over 7,ooo nerve endings on the foot which all relate to the various body organs and body systems. During the 1930's, A technique and a map of the foot was created by physiologist Eunice Ingram. However, reflexology isn't new. Research has shown that reflexology has been around for centuries in the Egyptian and Chinese civilizations. It is through study of this map of the body on the foot that I am able to go through and effectively assist my clients in achieving relaxation and better health.

Sometimes the responses I get from people are funny when they find out what I do. I always get asked "do you have to work on a lot of stinky feet?" Answer- ummm, NO. No one comes into my office with dirty, just got off work, crusty, sweaty feet knowing full well that I am going to work on their feet. And just in case, I always provide a warm foot bath with essential oils prior to our session. Some men are kinda bold with their sometimes inappropriate questions about me touching their feet... here's a clue ...It's not that kind of feeling, dude! SERIOUSLY.

Reflexology is effective and complimentary, it can be used on anyone. I've used it on my 1 week old niece who was unable to make poopy diapers when she came home from the hospital. My children have benefited from it. I have use it on cancer patients, Clients with fibromyalgia, back injuries, diseased or malfunctioning bladders, Asthma, Constipation, AIDS and HIV, diabetes, and the highly stressed. It is a wonderful feeling for me to see the look of relief on my clients face after receiving an effective treatment from me. So no matter where you live, why not look up your local reflexologist and give her (or him) a try. And if you are in MY area you can always stop in for a session, I'll keep the porch light on for you! *smile*

This is me working on a client

A reflexology foot map

just a cute pic of our toes.

*for more information about reflexology go to

Friday, June 12, 2009

Possible Vegetarian Convert?

I cant believe it. I am on day 12 of my 30 day challenge. I have not had any meat, only fish such as tuna & salmon. I'm still trying to be conscious of my water intake and sugar consumption.
For the duration of my 30 day challenge, I decided to start a detoxing regimen, which is an herbal body wrap. I only wrap my tummy area ( my most noticeable feature). I lost 2 1/2 inches on my waist and abdomen! I want to do these wraps for the remainder of the month. My goal is to lose 10 inches. Well we shall see, won't we?
I think I am doing pretty good, I have not even had any cravings for the meat! It's so weird to me, Normally I have meat at least 5 days a weak. I wonder if after the 30 days of no meat, if it will springboard me into being a vegetarian. My cousin is sooooo hoping that I join her team of one amongst our family of carnivores. Perhaps we can become the dynamic vegetarian duo! LOL! I can see us now, making a stand against the pork ribs, beef burgers and meat filled collard greens. You never know, perhaps we may start a healthy trend in the family....hmmph! probably Not!
But in any case she is giving me support on my health journey, encouraging me to cleanse my body, cleanse my mind. Get on the healthy track. FREEDOM. I'm not saying this is set in stone, but I am certainly getting pebbles thrown in the direction of a meatless lifestyle......
*inside thought to self*-Meatless I may be able to do, but take away a good bottle of Cabernet or Riesling and honee, we will have a problem!!!

The Dynamic Vegetarian Duo! LMBO!

Friday, June 5, 2009

16 again

Age 16, I wish I still had that burst of energy.
Age 16, I wish I still had that fast burning metabolism.
Age 16, I wish I still had that prickly, itchy acne that pops up all over my face at the most embarrassing and awkward times....Hmmmm, NOT!!
I am not 16, I am well past 30 but my face is looking like a 16 year old. I absolutely feel like I am straight back in days of 1988.
I know this is all consequential to my one year rebellious strike against eating properly, and perhaps it could be hormonal, but goodness gracious! How much more can a 30 something yr old girl take?
This requires an aggressive approach. Somebody Cover me, I'm going in!
French green clay masks, honey masks, reflexology, Ionic foot baths, and sauna. Oh and of course water, water, water, water, water

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Day 4 of 30 Days

I can't believe that I am on day 4 of my 30 day challenge and I have had little to no craving meltdowns. I have been drinking lots of water ( I'm like a peeing machine), especially when I start getting just a little hungry. The only sugar intake I've had was in my coffee and on my oatmeal this morning. Maybe I shouldn't have, but really, who can drink straight black coffee and enjoy it? NOT ME. Neither can I eat plain oatmeal . Can you blame me? At least I used all natural brown sugar, some may say that it doesn't matter, that sugar is sugar but it makes me feel better. So, I'm saying it again ..."At least I used all natural brown sugar, it's better than refined white sugar" hmmph!
My lunches have been okay, mostly green leafy salads with tuna. One day I also had a baked sweet potato (good fiber). Dinner has been cool too. Mainly consisting of veggie stir fry, greens, Beans and tonight I had Cabbage soup. Yummy!

I have got to do better about exorcising though, It's just not always easy. It seems to me that when I have to walk up and down the stairs, mop & sweep the floors, bend over the tub to clean it and walk the dog that it should be enough. But of course as things work out, it doesn't.

I hope that I can maintain my commitment to this challenge for myself. I really don't want to cheat, fall back on bad habits. I don't even want to half way cheat; You know, eating the wrong foods just for the taste, chewing it up really good and then spitting it out before I swallow it. Just Savoring the flavor to satisfy my craving. TMI, I know.. ...
I found this on the web today, thought it was appropriate

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Winning Scrabble Words Wednsday's

Here are a list of words that might help you win the scrabble game this weekend!
  • Zoosophy (Knowledge or learning concerning Animals)
  • Aphagia (inablility to eat or swallow)
  • Addax (Antelope dwelling in the sahara Desert)
  • Cleg (horse fly)
  • Douc ( southern chinese monkey)

*Happy Gaming!*

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Seven going on seventeen

I don't know how this happened, but my 7 yr old has turned into a 17 yr old. I used to think it was sooo cute when she would try to pick out my outfits, suggest which color of lipstick looked the best, and tell me " those shoes are sharp! mommy!"

She awoke this morning with a major whiny attitude about not having any clothes. I'm thinking, " are you kidding me?" I feel like she is the only one in the house who ever gets new clothes(And Mommy could use a few things herself these days). Is it a coincidence that I find my clothing in her closet? My blush in her drawer? Or that her room smells like a bottle of nail polish with a hint of body splash? She "never has anything to wear" I mean, according to her , she has nothing! right down to socks and underwear. Everyday it's the same ole conversation; Daughter-"Mmmoomm! I got nothing to wear! Mommy- " yes you dooooo! wear that one thingy I bought you before!" Then I have to go digging in the her closet, in her dresser and in the laundry before we can find an outfit that is worthy of being worn by lil' miss thang.

Not to mention she might have more clothing options if she were to stop storing what she does have under her bed and oh don't forget the stash of dirty clothes in the drawer that never get washed because I don't know they are dirty. How about the socks and sweaters I find in the back seat of our car? Or under her brothers bookshelf? Hmmm could this be the reason there are never any clothes?

Off we go to the store, she walks in with a smirk on her lips and an adrenaline rush that is a Little more than a 7 yr old should be able to handle. An hour and a half later she walks out with 5 outfits and a slightly bouncier step. And I'm thinking... "this is only the beginning"

Monday, June 1, 2009

30 Days

I have a new challenge. I am giving myself 30 days to do it too. Actually it is a challenge for my husband and I both. What is it? Well if you read my prior post you know that we are in process of trimming the fat on our family budget. Keeping with that trend we are also about to trim the fat on our bodies!!
It seems that we have just been falling back into bad habits all across the board, and our eating habits are no exception. Neither one of us are considered "heavy", but a person does not have to be "heavy" to be unhealthy. My husband would like to cut back primarily for cosmetic reasons, but I on the other hand am needing to do it not only for cosmetic purposes but also for my health.
I have a long line of Diabetes and heart disease in my family history. Six years ago I developed several diabetic symptoms but never diagnosed with diabetes. I was feeling bad and beginning to look worse than I felt. However, with regular visits to a Naturapath Doctor and a vigorous health plan I was on a good path to healthy living, and stayed on it for quite some time. Then, during and after a stressful time in my life which lasted about one year, I let all of my good habits go down the drain. Which brings me to my current situation. A recent physical revealed some red flags; high blood sugar levels (bordering on diabetic) for the past 3 months, High cholesterol, extreme anemia, and questionable kidney functions. (the latter two was no surprise since 6 mos ago I was hospitalized because of it).

So, I am now on a mission to get back to good health and good habits. The next 30 days I am challenging myself. I will try to:

  • keep away from sugars (soda, chips, ice cream, etc.)
  • Drink half my body weight in ounces of water each day.
  • No meat, except fish (I'm a wanna be vegetarian),
  • boost my veggie intake, especially dark green leafy ones (iron).
  • Stay away from the bread and starches except for brown rice.
  • get more active

**I know this is more about lifestyle change so the 30 days is just to kinda jump start myself.

As an African American woman I know that I am at a higher risk for developing certain illnesses. Some of which are apart of my own genetics. So, although it was fun while it lasted (and it was fun to eat what I wanted!) I have to make some changes and be a better example for my children in making better choices for a healthier lifestyle. So, in an effort to keep myself on the right track for the next 30 days I will be posting my progress to share with you. Feeling that there are "eyes" on me will cut back any cheating that I may be inclined to do. LOL! This is most definitely gonna be a bumpy ride at the take off....Are your seat belts on?