Thursday, February 10, 2011

My fashion is ALWAYS a work in progress

I'll admit it to you, I've never been blessed with the gift of having a totally dope styling sense. 90% of the time I am in heavy analysis over what to wear before going out for a social or professional event. I'm not horrible at putting together an outfit I mean, I can "pass". I think that I got this issue from my momma (hehe, everything always goes back to momma), maybe it was because she never encouraged me to develop my own fashion sense as a child. I rarely had creative control over my own wardrobe until I was 12 years old. *sigh* I fought hard for my styling Independence and finally won it at the age of 13 and it's been a roller coaster ride ever since.

In the last 12 years with the birthing of two children, being a stay at home mom and then an entrepreneur in the wellness industry, I have fallen into some fashion traps. Due to work with clients, clinic hours at school, or running around with kids my outfit consists of black yoga pants, black t-shirts and sneakers. WTH? So boring ! It's okay when I HAVE to wear it but the problem comes in when I DON'T have to. What is even worse is that I have TWO friends who are FIERCE with their style and do styling for a living. I really have no excuse right?

Someone else that is awesome at styling for a living is VirtuousOne. She and the Execumamma will be blogging live on Saturday morning ALL ABOUT STYLE ! They are gonna be sharing all types of delicious tips I'm so sure. Giving advice on topics such as emotional shopping to Hootchie Mamma dressing...mmmhmmm !. I'm going to be at school getting my clinic hours and can't participate...boooooo! But please believe I will be checking in on twitter, following hastag #BlogLive5 as soon as I get a break, this Sistar has got's ta do betta!

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

A family's determination to get a book in a child's hands

As a lover of reading I cannot remember a time in my life when reading was not apart of it. My weekly trips to the local library with my mother as a child left huge imprints on me. It was there with her that I was able to see a whole new world outside of my own. Right there within those four walls and the reach of my fingertips I could read about anybody, anytime, and anyplace. In my home it was never unusual to see my mother with a book in her face, and whenever I had the nerve to say I was bored she would quickly tell me "go read a book, as long as you have books you wont be bored."

Mommy said it and she was right.

Although I was fortunate to have the joy of reading influenced by my mother, that is not always the case for many children. Particularly African American children or other children of color. So I was really delighted to know that New York Times best selling author Denene Millner and her husband Nick Chiles are co-founders of and launching North Paran, A site that promotes books for, by and about black people. I love to read all types of books from all types of authors, but as a black woman myself I also enjoy reading books about people like me. And it is especially important for me to have books that are relatable to my own children. North Paran has books to cover all interests for adults and children...they even have a bargain book section (love it!). Even better, for every book that is purchased they will donate a book to a needy child. This is wonderful, a great way to give back to the community. For the child whose mother or father cannot or does not take them to the library, read to them or just can't afford it there is still an opportunity for them to develop their reading skills. I plan on showing my support and I hope you do to.

*Click here to see the brief video of Denene, Nick and the kids discuss North Paran.Then go check out the site for yourself!