Monday, May 16, 2011

Sometimes dreams do come true

I can recall last year how eager I felt to write a blog post when I woke up so very emotionally full from a dream. It was so moving to me that as soon as I woke up I immediately took out my net book and started pecking away at the keyboards for fear that I would forget the powerful impact it made upon me. In my dream I was a motivator, a source of empowerment and a light to a young woman. In real life I do not now her, she was a random non recognizable person of my reality. But in my dream it was as if we had a connection. You can read about what I wrote HERE.

Well after that time, I began to look more within myself and realized that I wanted to get more involved with public speaking, more specifically with women and women's issues. I wasn't quite sure how or when it would occur but I just started THINKING it, BELIEVING it, and SPEAKING it. Even when some snickered and smirked at how I CLAIMED it. But I had to overcome some insecurities, take my head out of it (which is hard for me because sometimes my brain won't quit) and follow my heart. With a little motivation and inspiration from a couple of family members, friends and my coach/Lightcaster I reached back, threw out my line and got a couple of bites! laughing at my own self for that analogy, because I seriously do not like fishing but my bait-casting, fishing pole toting, bass fishing husband totally does. Regardless, I got an offer to speak and I totally loved it! Even more importantly it was for The Younger Women's Task Force of Atlanta during Women's health and wellness week....right up my alley. I am looking forward to my future endeavors, big or small I will appreciate them all. Hey! that rhymes! ;) To check out more detail of what I spoke about and what my whole experience was like please click on over to