Saturday, June 27, 2009

Getting Lost is okay

Have you ever started off on one track only to end up on another? With a particular plan to do something but then some other force moves you to do something else?

Yeah, well that's what happened today. I started off going to the store to get some hair products, cause, you know, a sistah's locs are beginning to look less than fabulous. So anyway, off I go on my journey but then it was such a nice Georgia day, and my kiddies were off with their daddy.

Ooohh! I. felt. FREE.

One store led to another, then another, next thing I know 6 department stores later I'm sitting in a Borders book store sipping on a Latte reading chapter one of a good book I "stumbled" upon. Hmmph! I was in a zone.

I mean, I realize I turned a 30 minute quick run to the beauty supply store into a 6 hour trek. But hey! daddy and the kids should be able to take care of themselves without me (if they know what I know, they'd let me steal my moments so I gain back bits of sanity)

So if one day you find yourself wandering aimlessly from store to store only to wind up in the serenity of a quiet bookstore sipping your favorite hot beverage of choice, missing for hours at a time. Don't panic, this is a normal side effect....YOUR A MOMMY.

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