Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Seven going on seventeen

I don't know how this happened, but my 7 yr old has turned into a 17 yr old. I used to think it was sooo cute when she would try to pick out my outfits, suggest which color of lipstick looked the best, and tell me " those shoes are sharp! mommy!"

She awoke this morning with a major whiny attitude about not having any clothes. I'm thinking, " are you kidding me?" I feel like she is the only one in the house who ever gets new clothes(And Mommy could use a few things herself these days). Is it a coincidence that I find my clothing in her closet? My blush in her drawer? Or that her room smells like a bottle of nail polish with a hint of body splash? She "never has anything to wear" I mean, according to her , she has nothing! right down to socks and underwear. Everyday it's the same ole conversation; Daughter-"Mmmoomm! I got nothing to wear! Mommy- " yes you dooooo! wear that one thingy I bought you before!" Then I have to go digging in the her closet, in her dresser and in the laundry before we can find an outfit that is worthy of being worn by lil' miss thang.

Not to mention she might have more clothing options if she were to stop storing what she does have under her bed and oh don't forget the stash of dirty clothes in the drawer that never get washed because I don't know they are dirty. How about the socks and sweaters I find in the back seat of our car? Or under her brothers bookshelf? Hmmm could this be the reason there are never any clothes?

Off we go to the store, she walks in with a smirk on her lips and an adrenaline rush that is a Little more than a 7 yr old should be able to handle. An hour and a half later she walks out with 5 outfits and a slightly bouncier step. And I'm thinking... "this is only the beginning"


  1. Wow, you certainly are correct - she sounds like a 17 year old. And this is just the beginning!

  2. Lively! Energetic! I don't have daughters that steal my clothes, but it's amazing the "product" my sons snag!