Friday, June 19, 2009

Shout out to my girls!

Today I just want to talk about friends. I really love my friends aka my home girls, my bff's, my sistahsfromanothamotha. I don't have a lot of these type of friends but the ones that I have are really special to me. We don't always talk to each other on the phone, or have weekly Latte meet ups at Starbucks but the times we do share are very dear to me. These ladies make me feel like I can let my loc's down and keep them down as long as we are together.(without judging)

How important is THAT!?

It means a lot to me. I have always appreciated the bonds of sisterhood. Either with my fleshly sisters or those that are kindred spirits with me. Ever since I was a little girl, I was down with GIRL POWER even before it became a popular term. I never could resist a good sleepover where we stayed up all night sharing secrets as we painted our toenails, doing each others hair, sang our favorite songs and taught each other the latest dance moves.

Being married for 16 years gives me a new appreciation for my girlfriend time. I love my Dear hubby but my girlfriends help to keep me in touch with my "innerchild". The little girl inside of me that is footloose and fancy free. A conversation with these ladies often leaves me encouraged, inspired and sometimes just warm and fuzzy. And I hope that I provide the same for them.

In particular, I have two Girlfriend events that are forever set in stone in my heart; Every December my friend Brandee hosts a Big Girl Sleepover for all of her "girls"(now,don't be jealous). Everyone invited gets a special "VIP" invitation. When we get there, she presents us all with a thoughtful, sometimes practical, or just plain fun gift. She always has a cool theme for her sleepover. Last year's theme was my favorite; Stiletto's and Pillows! Everyone came in their favorite Stiletto's, loves it! To make the night even better we all enjoy our favorite adult beverages and let the trash talking begin! We play games, do karaoke and awake to Miss Brandee cooking us a a nice breakfast. I have gained and maintain some forever bonding friendships through this annual event. I never miss it(9 years and counting), even if I have to suffer through a bad kidney infection.....more on that at another time.

Secondly, I have a yearly BFF day with my #1home girl Chante' ( who is also my cousin). I heart her because she keeps it totally real, and makes me do it too. We share a love of so many things. We are very much like kindred souls. We decided to have a day just for us, our own holiday. Last year (our first year), was hilarious! Our one day turned into a full fledged weekend getaway adventure. We were two overstressed wives and mothers who were feeling a little bit like Thelma & Louise. That weekend involved, a Beautiful Bed & breakfast, two bottles of wine, an unstable tire, two police officers and a Train! (don't worry, we didn't break any real laws) Whew! the best time eva...We vowed to keep this ritual going no matter what.

So, Although I may not always have an annual event with all my girlfriends, I am thinking of them, and I appreciate them all for all that they have contributed to my life. To quote my dear friend; "all of my friends collectively make up one great therapist".

Here is my time to end my post and give a little shout out to all my girls, some are tried and true and some new. Each have shared a special moment, or touched my life somehow and who have contributed in some way to helping keep my inner child alive and skipping. .......Andronica, Chante, Brandee, Donna, Melissa, Eileen, Nanette, Susanne, Regina, Melissa G.. Here is a big Hug to ya! MUAH!!
A few pictures from last years BFF Day adventure with my #1 home girl

Here's a cool website that is all about the power of Girlfriends;

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  1. sandra this is so sweet love you forever hippie chick sista