Thursday, June 25, 2009


I say what I want:
Please go upstairs and clean your room.
Please go to the laundry room, gather you clothes and put them away.
Please tidy your bathroom when you make a mess. A considerate spot check is sufficient.
This is what I get:
Clothes all over the floor, along with toys, books and other miscellaneous items.
Laundry floor covered with clothes that have NOT been put away by their owners.
Bathroom.....hmmph!, you don't even want to KNOW what I got in there.
This is what they want:
We wanna go to the pool. Because we're hot.
We wanna watch t.v., our favorite show is on.
We wanna just do what we wanna do, when we wanna to do it, at all times.
This is what they get:
No pool time today, even if it is 91 degrees outside.
No t.v., catch the show another time. (besides that icarly show is a repeat anyway).
They will not do what they wanna do, when they wanna do it, at all times.
Hence, the Mean Mommy strikes again.
Dah-dah, dah -dah!

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  1. Oh I can totally relate! I have five kids, 3 are teenage boys!

    Stopping by from SITS to say hi!