Sunday, June 14, 2009

My other love

Outside of blogging about homeschooling my children and the random goings on of my life, I have another passion.

I have been certified and practicing Reflexology since 2003. I love it! It is such an amazing modality. There is ear reflexology, hand reflexology and foot reflexology. I primarily use foot reflexology for my clients. I believe it is the most soothing and effective. I was totally amazed when I learned that the human body has over 7,ooo nerve endings on the foot which all relate to the various body organs and body systems. During the 1930's, A technique and a map of the foot was created by physiologist Eunice Ingram. However, reflexology isn't new. Research has shown that reflexology has been around for centuries in the Egyptian and Chinese civilizations. It is through study of this map of the body on the foot that I am able to go through and effectively assist my clients in achieving relaxation and better health.

Sometimes the responses I get from people are funny when they find out what I do. I always get asked "do you have to work on a lot of stinky feet?" Answer- ummm, NO. No one comes into my office with dirty, just got off work, crusty, sweaty feet knowing full well that I am going to work on their feet. And just in case, I always provide a warm foot bath with essential oils prior to our session. Some men are kinda bold with their sometimes inappropriate questions about me touching their feet... here's a clue ...It's not that kind of feeling, dude! SERIOUSLY.

Reflexology is effective and complimentary, it can be used on anyone. I've used it on my 1 week old niece who was unable to make poopy diapers when she came home from the hospital. My children have benefited from it. I have use it on cancer patients, Clients with fibromyalgia, back injuries, diseased or malfunctioning bladders, Asthma, Constipation, AIDS and HIV, diabetes, and the highly stressed. It is a wonderful feeling for me to see the look of relief on my clients face after receiving an effective treatment from me. So no matter where you live, why not look up your local reflexologist and give her (or him) a try. And if you are in MY area you can always stop in for a session, I'll keep the porch light on for you! *smile*

This is me working on a client

A reflexology foot map

just a cute pic of our toes.

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  1. Who knew that reflexology could help with so many ailments? I wish I lived in your area.

    Hugs and Mocha,

  2. Now we are talking! Reflexology? I want some!

  3. Ok I will be looking it up once I am all moved in.