Friday, June 12, 2009

Possible Vegetarian Convert?

I cant believe it. I am on day 12 of my 30 day challenge. I have not had any meat, only fish such as tuna & salmon. I'm still trying to be conscious of my water intake and sugar consumption.
For the duration of my 30 day challenge, I decided to start a detoxing regimen, which is an herbal body wrap. I only wrap my tummy area ( my most noticeable feature). I lost 2 1/2 inches on my waist and abdomen! I want to do these wraps for the remainder of the month. My goal is to lose 10 inches. Well we shall see, won't we?
I think I am doing pretty good, I have not even had any cravings for the meat! It's so weird to me, Normally I have meat at least 5 days a weak. I wonder if after the 30 days of no meat, if it will springboard me into being a vegetarian. My cousin is sooooo hoping that I join her team of one amongst our family of carnivores. Perhaps we can become the dynamic vegetarian duo! LOL! I can see us now, making a stand against the pork ribs, beef burgers and meat filled collard greens. You never know, perhaps we may start a healthy trend in the family....hmmph! probably Not!
But in any case she is giving me support on my health journey, encouraging me to cleanse my body, cleanse my mind. Get on the healthy track. FREEDOM. I'm not saying this is set in stone, but I am certainly getting pebbles thrown in the direction of a meatless lifestyle......
*inside thought to self*-Meatless I may be able to do, but take away a good bottle of Cabernet or Riesling and honee, we will have a problem!!!

The Dynamic Vegetarian Duo! LMBO!

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  1. I wish you well, I feel like it takes so much longer to eat veg'n. I always just go grab a hostess. UGH