Thursday, June 4, 2009

Day 4 of 30 Days

I can't believe that I am on day 4 of my 30 day challenge and I have had little to no craving meltdowns. I have been drinking lots of water ( I'm like a peeing machine), especially when I start getting just a little hungry. The only sugar intake I've had was in my coffee and on my oatmeal this morning. Maybe I shouldn't have, but really, who can drink straight black coffee and enjoy it? NOT ME. Neither can I eat plain oatmeal . Can you blame me? At least I used all natural brown sugar, some may say that it doesn't matter, that sugar is sugar but it makes me feel better. So, I'm saying it again ..."At least I used all natural brown sugar, it's better than refined white sugar" hmmph!
My lunches have been okay, mostly green leafy salads with tuna. One day I also had a baked sweet potato (good fiber). Dinner has been cool too. Mainly consisting of veggie stir fry, greens, Beans and tonight I had Cabbage soup. Yummy!

I have got to do better about exorcising though, It's just not always easy. It seems to me that when I have to walk up and down the stairs, mop & sweep the floors, bend over the tub to clean it and walk the dog that it should be enough. But of course as things work out, it doesn't.

I hope that I can maintain my commitment to this challenge for myself. I really don't want to cheat, fall back on bad habits. I don't even want to half way cheat; You know, eating the wrong foods just for the taste, chewing it up really good and then spitting it out before I swallow it. Just Savoring the flavor to satisfy my craving. TMI, I know.. ...
I found this on the web today, thought it was appropriate

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