Monday, June 29, 2009

Quality Family Time

In today's society we are often surrounded by technology, sometimes overwhelmed by it. With cable t.v., the Internet, traveling game systems and high tech cellphones it can be so easy to disconnect from our family, too far and few in between is the quality time that families are spending with each other. My family is no exception, we have been guilty of this, why? because it is just so easy to sit around on our butt's.

Plain n' simple.

Recently we decided to turn off the t.v. (at least for a few hours) and head to the local state park. Oh what fun! the kids brought their swim suits and as soon as we found a great spot overlooking the lake, with a table and grill, they jumped in. I'm so happy that they enjoy and are comfortable in the natural surroundings.

It was so nice outside, the sounds of the boats riding by and happy children. Hubby and I got to talk (I know right?!real one on one convo!). I brought a book and just fell in love with life all over again. How could I not? When sitting amongst the beauty of creation with the ones you love, it just happens.

I just hope we continue to remember what we love the most ,which is not the technology we are swamped with, but the quality time spent being active outside with each other. The best part of it all is that it costs little to nothing to do it. You can't beat that in these hard economic times.

My hubby and I even decided that we were going to implement a NO T.V. week, every month...ahem! yep! you read me right....NO T.V. for one whole week. Sounds drastic? Well sometimes ya gotta do what ya gotta do. We will get outdoors, finish up projects, and play board games ( which BTW, we love) . If you like board games too and want something new to add to your quality family time, go to this website ; for suggestions to get you started.

The weather is great and you have your love ones around gotta get up, get out and do somethin'.

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  1. I was just complaining today about my kids this summer. They watch TV, play SIMS, Playstation 3 or they are on the internet. I realize that it's 95 degrees outside, but whatever happened to enjoying the summer? Frustration has set in.