Monday, February 15, 2010

Sins Of The Mother

Have you seen the previews for the upcoming movies for Black History Month on the Lifetime network? Every Saturday night they will be highlighting a different movie in February.

In addition to Saturday nights there will also be the premiere of a new movie based on the book Orange Mint and Honey by Carleen Brice.

The movie will feature the sultry sistah of soul Jill Scott. I think she is an awesome actress, very believable and organic.The premise of the movie appears to be one that goes into the trenches of deep family issues. Touching the core of such taboo topics as alcoholism and abuse and the haunting effects it has on a child, an adult child. There are lessons about forgiveness and acceptance. I am so ready to see this movie as I know it will cause me to think over my own issues. My goal is to actually read the book BEFORE the movie is premiered. Ahem! *that is my GOAL*. If I do not succeed then I will just have to settle for the movie. After it airs I will be back with my take on the movie. Be sure to check me out next week for my review....bring a hot cup of coffee!

Here is the trailer!

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  1. I really want to see that... the preview just went off a few minutes ago. (She IS a good actress, isn't she? Girl's got skills.) I hope I don't miss it. I'm like you; I like to read most books turned movies first.

    Hey, thanks for the linky love! You rock. I've been wanting to have my badge/widget changed, but putting it off for a little while 'til I decide on all the changes I want to make on the site.