Thursday, February 4, 2010

Therapeutic Thursday's: Rose Hydrosol

It's smell is very distinct, and posses a seductive quality that many find appealing. I'm speaking about The Rose. Although I do like to try my hand at some summer and spring time gardening, I've never planted a rose bush. I think it appears to be such a delicate flower, I don't want to take my chances with it for fear that I would ruin it. I like very simple and hearty plants and shrubs, drought tolerant and requiring little maintenance. The Rose would NOT be one of them in my opinion.

But, what I can have at home is the Rose hydrosol. A hydrosol is the by product of the steam distillation of plants; A process of extracting the life blood or essential oil . Once the essential oil is skimmed off the top, the water remaining contains minute molecules of the essential oil and other properties not found in the essential oil itself. Therefore making the water a very useful product. Using hydrosols is a great way to gain the benefits of very expensive essential oils, without paying the expensive price. ( of course, I like that)

The benefits of Rose hydrosol are numerous. It works wonderful as a skin toner, especially on mature skin. Use it in replace of water when creating homemade masks, and lotions. Rose hydrosol is also antibacterial, making it good for acne prone skin. In particular, this hydrosol works especially well with women. In her book, Susan Catty even suggests that it be taken internally to balance the female hormones (yes, drinking it. it's not bad). I like to also use it as a linen spray, a air spritzer, and as an addition to my bath water. There are many options, which one will you choose? Check out this book by Susan Catty, it's a great way to learn plenty more about hydrosols.

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