Tuesday, February 2, 2010

A change of pace and a new scene

Recently I've made a decision with my family to send my two children back to public school. This was not an easy decision. I've been homeschooling them for two years, of which I had grown very accustomed to doing. Most of the time we had a good routine and I was proud of what I was teaching them. It gave me a great sense of accomplishment and drew me closer to them. Even more importantly to me was that my husband and I stood our ground and kept pushing ahead even when various family members were against my decision to home school.

So, what made me send them back? They did...sort of. It's a combination of reasons, however their repeated requests initiated it all. I believe that in dealing with my own health issues over the last 7-8 months, I was slacking in my enthusiasm and zeal regarding home school. Which of course is an energy that the children can feel. Then after my surgery, I was immobile for a few weeks and totally gotten off routine. School began to be hit or miss, boring and non-challenging and anyone who knows my kids personally will understand that school days like that just wont do!

Humbly and somewhat reluctantly, I gave in to the requests (more like pleas) to go back to school. I was sad at first because I felt like I was failing in some way. As if my children's requests to return to public school was a reflection on me as a mother and teacher. Now I realize that it is more of a need for change of scenery, nothing personal. It was agreed that it will be for a period of one year and then we will go back to our home school refreshed and re-focused. Basically we will alternate schooling. Of course, I had mixed feelings as we walked through the halls of the brick and mortar setting. The children were really excited. Even more exciting to me is that my children in comparison to the other students are fine academically. They were trying to contain their excitement for fear that they were "hurting my feelings."* insert a long "aaaawwwwwww" * But I knew they were happy to be back in population. I'm trying to be positive and enjoy my break. I mean, I think I can find a few things to fill my time. Every teacher deserves a break right?

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