Monday, May 10, 2010

One of the great one's

Yesterday we lost an amazing woman in music and entertainment, Lena Horne died at the age of 92. She sang a tune with her own flavor. Her eyes came alive as she sang a song with passion, excitement and a certain savvy that seems to have been lost in days of old. My first encounter with Mrs. Horne was in elementary school when I had to do a book report on her for Black History Month. It was during this time that I truly admired her beauty, her style and her professionalism in a business that was not always accepting and often contradictory. Although during the Cotton Club's peak years, people of color were not allowed to patronize the club, but only allowed to serve and provide entertainment, I fell in love with the thoughts of her performing at the Harlem Cotton Club in the 1930's. Imagining that my grandfather was in the audience, captivated by her voice. Over the years, I have seen her periodically on television shows such as, Sesame Street, Sanford and son, The Cosby Show and A different World. With over 30 albums to her credit, the singers and entertainment of the 21st century have a lot to learn, and beautiful high heeled shoes to fill.

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