Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Not so wordless Wednesday: If the shoe fits, WEAR IT! Or maybe NOT.

Yeah....I know it looks bad. I promise I did not knowingly send my child to school with these shoes on. I happened to look down when she came home and this is what I saw. She has plenty of other shoes to wear but she likes these...

All I could do is shake my head and imagine the teachers at school thinking "what kind of mother does she have?" ....Don't answer that! *wink*wink*

Has this ever happened to you? Please leave a comment to pull this sistah outta the
mommy- is- somewhere- in- la-la- land blues.


  1. Yeah, if you saw my 6-year-old daughter's bookbag right now, you'd know you had good company up in la-la-land! It is quite literally holding on by about 7 threads, and I keep saying that I'm getting her a new bookbag, and I always forget. Thankfully, there is about a week left in school, so if she has to hold her little folder and pencil in her hand for a few days, should the bag decide to take a dirt nap, so be it! #GangstaMama - LOL!

  2. LOL U veteran mommies are hilarious! Thanks for giving me a crystal ball glimpse into my future... LOL xoxox LLP

  3. I hate when that happens! My son did that to me one day (except I think it was a giant hole in his pants) and his father is the one who saw it 'cause he happened to go pick him up from school. Needless to say I double check the little people 'cause they like to sneak out with some crazy stuff.