Thursday, May 13, 2010

The runaway bride...err, um, couple!

I am a firm believer in stealing away time to connect with my honey. Sometimes we find creative and fun ways, times of which are planned and others that are not so planned.

This weekend was a not so planned date. We ran away *giggle*giggle, to have breakfast together without the kids. It was VERY unplanned, we were supposed to be just picking up an item from the corner store and somehow we wound up in front of the corner Huddle House. We were kinda hungry, the kids could just eat cereal right? For 45 minutes it was just he and I eating, laughing, talking and connecting. And I could swear that all eyes were on us, the lovely couple whose love was shining brighter than the morning sun.

Do you have planned times to connect with your honey? Or do you have to sort of run away? If so, please share, I'd love to hear your story...


  1. We don't get to be spontaneous because our kids are still young (8,2,3) but I try to arrange something at least once a months so we can hango out. I can't wait til these kids get grown so that we can do some of "on the fly" type of stuff.

  2. Right now we've been planning 'cause he's on night shifts. We have a movie date tonight. I'll chilling with Amber right now and then she and I are getting dressed for our individual nights out. I like spontaneity too (like coming home when he wasn't expected and spending some "quality" time! LOL)... I'm glad you guys had a quiet moment. Sounds like fun and it's definitely a relationship builder.

  3. I love the way u could let ur love shine without it being an "extravagant" date.. Yall took a quiet few minutes at ur local pancake spot and it was just lovely! Its those little things that get u to 17 years! I LOVE IT! Such a good example.

  4. We used to get a hotel in our own city and have fun fun times. Since I'm nursing right now, looks it will be a few more months until we can sneak away. Now we just take impromptu excursions similar to what you described above.