Sunday, May 2, 2010

1 and 2 and 3 and 4, get my work out on ya'll!

I am still feeling high from the endorphins that were released while I worked it out at World Fitness Day at the Georgia Dome. Along with hundreds of men, women, children and I worked up a sweat with Billy Blanks. Mr. Taebo himself ! I was actually able to keep up even though I have not worked out on that pace and level in a long time.

I must admit that when Mrs. Debbie Allen came out I was in awe. She lead us in a Salsa exercise routine that was so much fun yet very effective. I did not even feel like I was working out, I felt free and light. I think I could have cha-cha-cha'ed and spinned and twirled all day!

Now what can I say about Mr. Richard Simmons? He is SUCH a DIVA and that's all I need to say. Moving on! ;)

Every one that lead us into a routine was awesome, the energy that filled the dome was so high I wish I could have bottled it up and took it home. We were all there for one cause, one purpose and that is to get fit and be healthy! We all were on different levels of fitness but it did not matter. There was no intimidation, just love. It was great. I am so looking forward to going again next year. This gave me the nudge that I needed to really go the next step with my work out, *AHEM!* lack of work out.

Here are some pics of me and a few fellow bloggers working it out. Awesome!

We were gettin' low with Luda on the field! *I still got my eye open for those bribe photos of Akilah, Denene, Lauren, Jennifer and I trying show how low we could go! *

After the show we posed together for a blogger photo op.

The Pointer Sisters reminded us why we were so excited when they came on the stage. They can work the crowd! Did you know that they had the most used songs for work out videos in the eighties? Hmph! an interesting fact.

To be 72 years old, Miss Jane Fonda looks amazing. What a trailblazer in the world of health and fitness!

Herrrrrrrrrrrrrre's Richard! Lol, such a Diva!

Here is Chante' working it out with Billy Blanks, She was so pumped!

Jennifer, Krystal and Denene were focused!



  1. We most certainly did have FUN! I love the idea of a World Fitness Day that offers the basics, workouts, water, and inspiration! They did a fantastic job and I'm glad we were a part of it!

  2. I have the pics of you getting real low! That was a fun event!

  3. That's super wonderful. You gals are really getting around. I saw some pics Renee shared as well. I haven't been too motivated lately to workout... I was hoping the new yoga wear I bought the other day would motivate me to at least do that... so far, it's a no go. I better get moving soon or I'll be starting from the beginning.