Thursday, August 19, 2010

Pieces Of A Dream

I recently had a dreams are usually full of all types of unusual activities, people, places and events. Much often like a three ring circus, so much going on, you don't know were you should focus your attention. Because every ring is chock full of something exciting and your afraid you may miss out if you don't watch closely.

Often times I wake up and I don't remember the whole dream, but I'll remember that it was good or bad (based on how I feel when I awake). So this dream was no exception, It was a full three ring circus and I can't remember it all but, there was one segment that is very vivid to me. I was having a discussion with someone about taking chances and stepping out of our comforts. This was not for purpose of a career change, but for the purpose of self appreciation. In my dream I was explaining all of these pretty bizarre activities that I did in the name of love for self. None of which I do in reality, well, not to the extent in my dream. ;)

Anyway, in my dream I encouraged the young woman to see the need to take on the fight or flight attitude when it comes to self love and appreciation. Many times people (especially women) either run from loving and accepting themselves or they fight to achieve and maintain it. I had been on the flight aspect for most of my life. However, not too long ago I began my fight. And I must say just as much as it was/ is frightful it is also exhilarating. As I explained to the woman in my dreams I had to do some pretty radical things to force myself into self love and appreciation once I acknowledged that I was lacking.

I explained how necessary it was to do whatever you have to do to put yourself on the right path for this to take place. It can mean your very life and your purposeful existence. Once you accept the fact that you are lovable, worthy and beautiful your mind body and spirit begins to blossom in ways unimaginable. As I spoke, the woman's eyes grew wide, but I also saw the determination in them. I felt proud to have learned this lesson and share it with her. After saying my piece and feeling satisfied by it, I arose from my spot and in a most confidant way I left the room going through the door as regal as a black butterfly.

When I woke up I felt BEAUTIFUL and LOVED....


  1. Okay, you could totally turn this post into an entire book! You have some powerful tenets wrapped into one single dream! Indeed, we do have to be very deliberate and adamant about growing into self-love, particularly when we've been forced into a mental space that has somehow convinced us that we aren't good/pretty/smart/strong/rich/skinny enough. Kudos to you for manifesting that state of being both in your waking and sleeping hours. That speaks volumes about how far your journey has taken you.

    Get your Regal Black Butterfly on, Mama...and continue to rise and SOAR!!

  2. How beautiful!!! Fight or flight for self love is so amazingly true. I am so happy for you in that you have come to embrace yourself. To truly love yourself in a divine way. xoxoxox