Friday, January 1, 2010

Somewhere along the way, I lost it.

I don't remember when I lost it. I'm thinking that it may have occurred somewhere within the last 10 years. It just slipped away from me.

I'm talking about my game- my shoe game to be more specific. By my own admission (and by a couple of snickering remarks from my homegirls) my
shoe game is wic wic wack!

I want to blame it on something, but I don't know what. Could it be bcause I've begun to choose comfort over fashion? Or is it my limited clothing budget? Or could it be... That I just don't have good shoe style? GASP!

I am so perplexed by this.

My "summertime" shoes are not as shameful as my closed toe "wintertime" shoes , but regardless....It's time for a makeover. So in 2010 I'm planning on stepping up my shoe game. I'm going to get my shoe mojoe back. I am stepping out of the box and putting my best fashion foot forward, literally.

I just hope that I don't break the bank doing it. The husband will not be pleased with that.

So this is my fashion resolution for 2010. I resolve to improve my shoe fashion, and unleash the DIVA that I am within. Do you have a fashion resolution? Or do you have a shoe fashion tip? Please a sistah out.

*for your chuckling pleasure here are my worst pairs of shoes*

The green bombers

The white wedges

The infamous Rocketdogs

The red pointed toe

My open toe metal strip, Sunday go to meeting shoes

My square toe, square heel sunday go to meeting shoes


  1. I NEED a fashion resolution for 2010 also. I have been having the same shoes for over 15 years (that is sad to say) AND I am the First Lady of a church which makes it even sadder. I am still wearing some of my pregnance clothes and my son is TWO!! I resolve with you to bring out the DIVA in me.

  2. Awww your shoe game isn't THAT bad. I know your feeling. I had to step a few things up lately too. I know how things just kind of fall off. So just focus on getting essentials and I think you should be fine.

  3. Well the shoes are definitely a great place to start!!!!

  4. I like the idea of bringing out the DIVA inside! I can get on board with that. I've been fashion-challenged my whole life and recently started focusing on footwear. I've made some great strides and it feels great to put on cute clothes and then have cute shoes to finish off the outfit! Good luck finding shoes you like. That's usually my problem.