Wednesday, January 6, 2010

I want to be brave, but it's kinda tough

As I have mentioned before, I am embarking on a new business venture. In addition to my Hippie Chicks bath and body line and Reflexology practice. Well, it is sort of a merge of my reflexology practice with the massage therapy practice of my cousin. We both have a love, actually a passion for our individual therapies and are thrilled that we have found a way to blend them and work together. Our name? Very simple, Be.Beautifully.Well. It is all about being beautiful inside and out, mind, body and soul.

Coming up with our concept seemed easy and very natural. We have some plans to host a few events in the months to come and can I just say "OVERWHELMED?" I feel so nervous about it. Nervous because I am having to really venture out of my comfort zone. We are pushing ourselves into arena's that are not really our own. Lots of networking, actually contacting people that I have met at these networking events and sharing our ideas. uuuggghhh! Do you know why that makes me nervous? One word....rejection. But I have heard and read enough motivational talk to know that I can't get to the acceptance without going through the rejection. So I keep on with eyes and head lifted upward, believing in my heart that we are on the right path. So far there hasn't been any rejection, but there are a few obstacles.

But, I can do this... right?

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  1. Yes, you so can do it! It's a good idea and hopefully you and your cousin can hold each other accountable. Being in partnership can offer a little release. Try to live in each moment and enjoy the new venture.