Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Give me some Mo'

I have liked the comedy style of Mo'nique, although she can be brash in her use of the four letter words, she does makes me laugh. The energy that she adds to a movie really keeps it rolling. She keeps it real, and I like what's REAL.

So I was excited to see that she had gotten her own late night talk show on BET . The sistah's are doing their thing, with the talk shows these days. We have Wendy Williams in the a.m., Tyra and Oprah in the afternoons and now Mo'nique late nights. How great is that!? The talk show business is getting it's swirl on!

I've eagerly watched the first couple of weeks episodes, cheering her on for coming this far. Her guest line up is refreshing, because she looks for the people and stories that are inspiring. She is all about giving people a chance to shine. I really was touched by her interview of the Ohio Wrestlers, two boys winning against the odds. Her interview of the cast from ABC FAMILY Lincoln Heights , was sweet and encouraging too. She appears to be so full of love, happiness and gratitude that you can't help but to feel it too and it is this exuberance that keeps me coming back.

Now, I'm all about the love too but I still have to keep it real for a minute. Monique's show would be even better if she would just. stop. screaming. From the time she steps off the elevator, throughout the interviews and all, she is talking at the top of her voice. Whew! Some nights I just turn the volume down, because at that time of the night I am winding down. But I'm not giving up on her, I'm going to continue to keep giving her the support in doing her thing. After all she does have a good show and it's better to support a good show than to keep putting up with the thousands of crappy ones out there.....Even if i do have to take an aspirin for my headache after her show.


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  1. You are not the first person I have heard talk about her endless screaming. Although I haven't actually watched the show, I am going to a taping next week.Since I won't be able to turn the volume down live, I hope I can make it through.