Thursday, October 22, 2009

Don't get it twisted

I am the type of person that has deep emotion. I am a peacemaker and a peace lover. If I have a serious problem with someone or something, it is important for me to set matters straight by eventually making my feelings known. It helps me to move on from the situation and not hold on to it. Holding on to negative feelings often create a place of bitterness and resentment, hiding in small crevices of the heart and mind. It never really allows a person to be free, causing one to be stagnant in life. Some people get it and some do not. Those who don't, seem to misunderstand the whole point. Feeling as though talking about things is a waste of time and energy. However, If done properly it can create a bridge to better understanding and a strong foundation in all relationships.
Recently I was told that I was making myself a victim because I chose to discuss a situation that hurt me deeply. I had the impression that my choice to express myself gave the other person the perception of weakness. How untrue that perception is. In fact, it is because I try to think through various issues, getting to the root of them that I am NOT a victim. Of any given serious situation which involves me. In fact I consider myself a survivor, because I fight everyday to push myself ahead. Doing what I do in spite of my trials. Going through my thoughts, I was reminded of that song ; Survivor, by Destiny's Child. How appropriate to post it up here today. It goes right along with my feelings.

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