Monday, October 12, 2009

Blogalicious 09, Part 1 - My First Time

Every one has a first time for something or with someone that is forever ingrained in their heart and mind. I remember my...
first job,
first kiss
first pregnancy
first airplane ride
first blogging conference.
Hhhhmmmm, My First Blogging Conference. Please allow me to elaborate on Blogalicious 09. My goodness! what can I say? From the moment I stepped into the conference area I was in awe and knew that I was in for a treat. I eagerly received my badge and my sssswwweeeeeet Sssswaaaaaag bags then made a beeline for the wonderful breakfast buffet. Once in my seat my eyes were completely glued to the stage as I listened to words of inspiration and wisdom from the folks that know the bizzness about the business of blogging and social media. More interestingly to me was the fact that it was delivered from the perspective of women of color. The speakers shed light on the true affect and effect that we really have on this industry. The encouragement and education made it a little clearer for me to see myself with a place for creative & meaningful contributions in this realm. I mean, I knew....but now I REALLY KNOW.
I really appreciated the six breakout sessions, where we could get one on one tips from experienced blogger's. The sessions had something for everyone, I simply needed to pick which one to get in where I fit it. Here are a few of the session topics; Social Media Basics, Taking your Blog to The Next Level, Possibilities and Pitfalls of Having You on the Net, and The Art of Small Business Blogging. Later on I was very Impressed at the Town Hall & Plenary session which discussed Marketing to Women of Color and began with a conversation with Nelson George. There to share with us his new venture, from American Airlines. More on that later, I promise. The dialogue that was created between the Marketers and the women blogger's on the panel was amazing and received several rounds of applause. It was through this panel I could hear the concerns and issues of women blogger's of color along with resolutions so that we all can have a win - win situation.
Sounds good right? I'm not gonna sugar coat it. It was good. Until this weekend I was a total virgin to blogging conferences. I had no clue of what to expect. I only imagined and hoped that it would be worth my time, energy and money. Thanks to Blogalicious 09, my "first time" was incredible and will never be forgotten.

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  1. This was my first blogging conference outside of NYC. I agree with you. It was so much fun!