Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Blogalicious 09 part 2 - Who you callin' a princess?

Sometimes people say a lot of things without a lot of meaning behind their words. Shallow compliments, and empty promises.

During lunch, which was hosted by Disney ( totally scrumptious) we were able to listen to the toe tapping soundtrack and view a few clips of the new movie The Princess and The Frog, featuring the first African American princess, Tianna. A wonderful story about a young woman of color who dreamed of owning her own business.We watched and were inspired to live our dreams and realize the inner princess inside us all. I listened to and laughed with our Keynote speaker: Karen Walrond, who encouraged us to be beautifully different. I had so much to ponder over. So many possibilities, if only I would reach out for them. It is all at my fingertips...

To really drive home the point, we were all invited to a late night Princess party sponsored by the Blogrollers . And what a party it was! I stepped off the elevator and Bippitybopppityboo! I was transformed. I put on my tiara, my princess ring, grabbed my glass of champagne and thanks to the two DJ's, I danced the night away to my favorite jams. Overlooking a spectacular view of beautiful Hot'lanta under the sparkling city lights. It was refreshing to be among professional women, who did not let their titles hold them back from cuttin' a rug! It truly felt like a celebration.

Every woman there was called a princess and how special it was to feel that they really meant it. They said I was a princess and with the Royal treatment I received, I believed it.

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