Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Stamp of approval

The other day, while on my day off I was working like a busy worker bee. Just buzzing around from one chore to the other, remembering to take appropriate breaks for reading, eating or something else that I enjoyed. As each child came home rom school, I kissed them as a mother should and asked them about their day. Dinner was served in a timely fashion and as I cleaned up our dinner mess I had a thought :

"I've done a lot today"

I had to ponder on that thought for a little bit. Reflect on the pattern of the day. I have to admit I felt proud of it. When I sat down on my sofa in my very clean living room, looking into my very clean kitchen sighing with appreciation at the thought of my laundry being done and my bathroom was clean, I was HAPPY. I felt happy because I got things done according to MY standards, in a way that made me feel satisfied. I realized that it has been a while since I felt THAT good and confident about what I did with my day. Actually I realized that all too often I, as well as other women like myself do not give enough credit to ourselves. With self induced pressure I find myself focusing on all that I DID NOT do rather than all that I HAVE DONE. What a waste of energy! It is so much better on the Psyche to focus on the positive aspects of life, the small goals that we have accomplished. Why beat ourselves up over the the things that cannot be done, or for that matter what we don't feel like doing?

I am Not super woman (most of the time), nor am I a robot. I have been learning acceptance and looking toward myself for approval. Which means that I understand if I DON'T do everything perfect, because I recognize that I don't NEED to and I'm okay with that. I am becoming my own best supporter as opposed to my own worst enemy. I am really liking this person I am becoming, the more I get to know her the more I love her. (I know I'm speaking in 3rd person right's okay) Kudos to her for having a great day of getting things done, enjoy it because as in true fashion it will be a different story tomorrow!

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