Tuesday, November 30, 2010

I really, REALLY don't want to...

Yeah so, I've been having a couple of bad hair days...okay, weeks....Alright ! Months! I'm just gonna put it out there, I hate to do my own hair. Ever since I was about 17 I have always went to the salon on consistent basis. I was the faithful client, never missing an appointment and doing whatever I needed to (legally) pay for the service. Come Hook or Crook, I got my hair "did."

Well these days I cry a different story. I still go to the salon...just not as often as before. The bad part is that I am so accustomed to getting it done, that it has made me lazy. I will go as lonnnnng as I can before I break down and commit to doing my loc maintenance ( tightening or twisting of the new growth from my dread locks). To make matters worse, I am not the best at preventive care for my hair. I know, shame on me. I do know better, I mean how hard can it be to put on a little Castor oil or Shea butter and put a silk scarf on my head before bedtime? Obviously for me it is on the high end of the difficulty scale.

Fast forward to my current visit for my daughter to our salon of choice Honeecomb natural hair . While my daughter is getting her hair washed, conditioned and interlocked I can feel the disapproving eyes of my stylist. Although we are chit-chatting away, picking up where we left off from the previous visit...Yeah, she's checking it all out with the sharp eye of a professional who is serious about her *stuff*. Just when I thought I was gonna walk away unscathed, she let me have it! Ever so gently... As she gave me my goodbye hug, she felt my locks. DRY, BREAKING, & IN GROWTH LIMBO. Oh what shame. *smh* I tried to go home and ignore the nagging thoughts of what she said, but it wouldn't go away.

Aaaarrrrggghhhh! I wanna scream, shout, even kick something. I. don't. wanna. do. THIS.

The nagging thoughts won. The bad thing about nagging thoughts though, is that you never know when you may have to give in to them. My time happened to be the very inconvenient time of 4 a.m. . I couldn't take it any more. I did what I had to do, washed, conditioned and maintained.

After all of that emotional turmoil, I have to admit....I do look kinda cute. ;)


  1. Ha! Yous sound like me. I don't put anything on my locs. I am trying to get better with that though.

    But I do maintain my own locs (because I am broke as a joke) and I hate it too.

  2. gurrrrlllll! Soon as "my money come in!" I am right back in the salon chair. lol!

  3. I hardly every get my hair done professionally (I hate any kind of beauty appointment, I'm weird that way), but I also hate doing it myself, so I play that game too until I can't take it anymore. It doesn't help that I also have to do both of kids' locs, so by the time I get around to mine, I am sick of hair.

  4. LOL I loved this post!! After all that hardcoreness, u look as cute as can be! LOL

  5. @FunkyDivaGirl You and I are in the same boat? What we gonna do about our selves? lol!