Monday, December 13, 2010

My lightbulb moment

Had a situation today that really put some "light" on how life works. It was actually kinda funny. One of those things that secretly make you feel like a dummy, looking over your shoulder for the hidden camera because this had to be a joke, right?

Well okay, here is some background info. We bought a new house 6 months ago. Fairly new, barely lived in and empty for over two years. Generally everything is in good condition, but as time went on we noticed there were some minor repairs that needed to be done on some major components of the house. It seemed like one by one, little by little something was breaking down. And let's just be honest here, no matter how minor it is a breakdown of any sort is ALWAYS inconvenient.

Two months ago, the lights in the family room stopped working. "Great! just Great!" We complained. Tried checking the wiring, and even made an appointment for an electrician to come to the house and do some inspecting. He hasn't made it here yet. That's what happens when you ask your homeboy to come out. but ANYWAY... We have just been making do, using whatever other light source we had to see whenever we were in that room. Often using the light from the open door of another room nearby, or the light from the computer screen.

Today however, I was changing the light bulb in my laundry room and I got the bright idea to put a light bulb in the family room too. I honestly didn't think it would do any good, but I figured I should just go ahead and do it now and not wait until later. So that once we got the wiring fixed I would not have to look for a bulb. Low and behold, I twisted the bulb in and then flipped the switch (just because) and there was light! Huh? Was that all that was needed all this time? Wowwwwwww, I had to chuckle at the simplicity of the situation. Talk about turning an anthill into a mountain!

Basically, because of the other issues we were facing with the house we approached the missing light situation with the same expectation. We were beginning to view everything that was going on with the house as a problem and so therefore grudgingly approached the missing light in the family room the same way. We did not look at it for what it simply was, a light bulb that needed to be changed. WE made it complicated, WE made it a serious problem. WE did not handle it as it's own entity, it was lumped all together without distinction. WE just did not consider all the possibilities.

This situation made me reflect on life. How often do we handle issues that pop up this way? Just adding each issue to the next and rolling it all into one? Creating one big problem, approaching them all with the same expectation? Sometimes though when we take on each problem as it's own compartment and deal with it accordingly we will see that it is not always soooo serious. Some issues are heavy and weighty while others are really just simple and require little to no work at all. Often the challenges of our lives are what we make them out to be.

Truly a light bulb moment....


  1. Ha!! 2 months of darkness! And a light bulb was the culprit? Wow that is hilarious. I know you were at least glad that was one less problem.

    And LOL at your homeboy not making it by yet. I can definitely relate to that.

  2. Wow! That was some funny light bulb moment. Isn't it amazing how life's small experiences can teach us such big things? I feel you on the house thing and hope everything is fixed and working in top order soon.