Sunday, September 13, 2009

Theyyyyy'rrrrrrrrre Heeeerrrrrre!

No. No one scary. In fact they are completely sweet and lovable. At least my kids and their friends think so. Who am I talking about?
The Zhu Zhu Pets!
My Children and I were delighted when selected to host a Zhu Zhu pet party. These cute little toy pets are a much cleaner, and hassel free way to introduce a pet into your home. Each Zhu Zhu pet comes with a name, and rolls around by itself on a hard surface (we had to use our kitchen floor). They also make little noises, over 40 sounds varying from little chirps and beeps to actual cow and chicken sounds. I think I even heard a train sound one time. My kids thought they were really adorable. What I like is that unlike a REAL hamster, there is no mess to clean up and food to buy, and we certainly don't have to deal with it dying. My children had a real hamster once...So! like I said, these are so much easier to care for.

One of the Attachable accessories that the pets can play on. A ramp and twisty slide.It actually goes up the ramp and down the slide on it's own.

A activity center / habitat for the pets

The display of the Zhu Zhu pets

Once all of the party guests had arrived, the mayhem began! Every kid wanted one, and they all received a accessory for their pet. There was a car with a garage that the pet could ride in. A slide, A surf board, a Giant activity center and even a ball for the pet to roam around the house in! What's great is that the accessories are all attachable, which means each piece can connect to the other piece to create a very big activity center with plenty for a pet or two, to do. Some assembly is required and a little help is needed by an adult to put the accessories together, but it was not overly difficult. The children loved racing their pets too! I could tell that these pets would be a good way to keep the kids entertained.
At the end of the day, my children slept with their pet...Something I NEVER let them do when they had a real hamster.

That Says it all Folks!
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  1. Looks and sounds like a great party. I even like the Zhu Zhu pets. Speaking of which, I need to replace the batteries!