Thursday, September 24, 2009

A steamy situation

There are times when I hear about certain things and I say to myself "oh what a cool idea , I'm gonna try that one day". However Last week was not one of those times. I was actually a little caught off guard by my own quick and ardent reaction.

I was visiting a fellow bloggers site and I came across a post that really caught my attention:
"It was smoking hot and I was dripping wet"
...hmmmmm, really?
I know, catchy, right? So I proceed to read the post, and well, um, hehehe, it wasn't at all what I suspected. C'mon, you know you thought it too. Well, anyway she goes on to describe what I later called one of Atlanta's best kept secrets until now.

The JeJu Home of well being, a Korean style spa, sauna & bath house. She was so descriptive with the serenity and tranquility of the environment. Peace washed over me like I was there. She explained so perfectly how purifying and uninhibiting the total experience was. I was beginning to feel the rush of liberation. I just had to try it for myself. Right away. Seriously. Right away. Between homeschooling, being mommy, wifey, and trying to run a business, needless to say I was very anxious. So two days later I grabbed my # 1 home girl and we went to indulge ourselves.

It all played out just as Lisa so vividly described. We were given our supplies for the duration of our time there; an exfoliating wash cloth, a uniform, a toothbrush and keys for the lockers. Once in the women's area we had to remove our shoes, and our clothes, and then it was FREEDOM! Yep! In all our NATURAL BORN GLORY we were free to use the Korean bath house area of the facility. Mentally I was prepared for that because I had been forewarned, that was actually a bonus to me. It was sheer bliss immerging myself in the three mineral water tubs. Hot, warm and cold. There is a Shower and bath area, fa infrared lights, traditional dry and steam sauna's and an area for professional services such as polishing body scrubs. It was a requirement for all to shower before taking part in anything. VERY clean. I took my time and soaked it all in. Literally it was a pampering session to myself, for myself. I saw there, women of all races, several of which were non American. I was amazed to see small groups of women washing each other's back, and each other's hair , all with a sense of sincerity and a genuine reciprocity that is often lacking within the western culture. No one acted as if it was weird or as lesbianism. It was natural. It was an act that I viewed as a beautiful form of bonding, compassion, a loving act of kindness exchanged within the sisterhood. Those profound thoughts rang the bells of enlightenment within my mind.

Unbelievably we spent a couple of hours in that one area before we dressed in our scrubs and moved on to the unisex area where there are 6 therapeutic dry saunas. Each with it's own personality, unique and healing in it's own way. Available to all, are plump vinyl pillows and sleep mats to take to the room of your choice. I spent time and laid down in every sauna room and my favorites are ; the baked Korean clay sauna, the rock salt sauna, the jade sauna, and the charcoal sauna. I took the opportunity of the solace to reflect, ponder and appreciate. Oh, it was certainly soothing to my soul. Within those walls we felt no urgent needs, no schedules to keep up. Plain and simply no pressure. *Sigh* Honey, it was about this time you could've blown me over with a feather! Before we knew it, a total of eight hours had passed and that was all without even getting the luxurious spa services. Wow! what a night. When we finally left, our bodies felt like it had been thoroughly massaged and our skin felt velvety smooth.

With such a great experience, I am eagerly anticipating my return because at a cost of $25, why not? Check out the photos that I got from the website or better yet go there to see it for yourself. You will be thrilled. If you would like to read the very delicious post that sent me in search of my sanity, Check out LisaCwrite's blog.


  1. Lisa's post made me want to check out this place too. Unlike you, I haven't made the time to go since it a little ways from but hopefully I will get to go. Don't know how I feel about walking around in the buff but...I may try it.

  2. @k.rock once you finally go you will love it...and regards to being in the buff?---> Just Go for it! lol!

  3. That sounds very intriguing. I've never tried anything like that before. Hmmm... I may definitely have to check that out.

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