Friday, September 18, 2009

If he told me once, he told me twice

Don't you hate when you have been told the right way to do something, and because of stubbornness, you find out the HARD WAY, why it was the RIGHT WAY in the first place?

You do?

Whew! Glad to see I'm not the only one!

My dilemma began on Tuesday night.

Convo recap:

Hubby- "are you driving on E? You really shouldn't do that"

Stubborn wife(THAT'S ME)- "oh, well, it'll be alright. The gas light should come on and tell me when I've gone too far right?"

Hubby- "um, maybe. you never know. what if it stops working. This is dangerous. You should always keep a good amount of gas in the car. You wont like to be stuck somewhere"

Stubborn wife- "I'm not worried, I'll get it tomorrow on my way out"

Wednesday, Mid morning, while schooling the kids I realized rather abruptly that there was an important matter that I needed to take care of. In haste I run out of the door...grab the keys...Grab the purse...Run out the door...jump in the car...crank up and pull out of the drive way...


(oh no, not today!)

e-e-e-e-aaaa- e-e-e-e-aaaaaa! stupid car wont crank. I pump and pump the pedals to no avail. I try to do everything from "kick starting the car to getting a push from the kids.(yes, i had my kids pushing) We finally decided to get a gas can from the garage which had gasoline in it and pour it in. Oh hurray! we are on our way. The car cranks and we take off and then SCREEEECH! WHOMP! The car cuts off after moving about 3 feet.


I called a friend for a ride to run my errand and fill my gas can. Just shortly after this fiasco, I had to go back out. Frustration. Fear. Embarrassment. We put-put-ted, sputtered, cut-off, jumped & jerked all the way to our destination.

Reluctantly I called the hubby and gave him the 4-1-1.

I'll let you use your imagination as to how that conversation went.

You don't need a RECAP from me...

Hmph!**arms folded, eyes rollin'**

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  1. LOL! Sorry, I had to chuckle. Well, at least you won't do it again. That's nothing compared to the time I pushed my van with three small children and two teenagers in it. SIGH... in that instance I should have listened to myself!