Wednesday, January 19, 2011

When we sweep the dust under the rug, throw skeleton bones in the closet, it all gets exposed during a snow storm

Last week the great snow storm of 2011 in Atlanta was like an amazing test of human nature. With so many people stuck inside their homes, many were getting cabin fever. The first day or two wasn't so bad. It was kinda know? You make a little fire in the fireplace and sipped wine while admiring the winter wonderland from the window ( well, at least that's what I did). Families had some bonding time, pulled out the old boardgames, had Wii competitions, baked, slept and many adults found some very adult ways to pass the time *wink, wink*.

However by the end of day 3 and consecutively the 4th-5th days, folks was about to go bonkers! Kids were bored outta their minds and people was so desperate they was walking to the store in the snow for items as small as a pack of m & m's !

Recently on a local radio show it was announced that past psychological studies have shown that two things happen during times such as these. One : 9 months from now there will be an increase in babies born (result of the very adult ways to pass the time) and Two : separations, divorce, breakups and familial dissension occurs.The latter situation I think is so sad, although I know it is such a reality for many. Mainly because life is so busy, people take relationships for granted and do not take the proper time to cultivate them. Often times family meals are rushed, communication is done during transportation to and from work, school, team practice, etc. foundations for successful relationships are not being made solid. I have a feeling that the issues within the various families and relationships which have been swept under the rug previously, were then staring people right smack in the face. Which means they had to DO SOMETHING about it.

Instead of taking the easy way out, I hope that many folks proved the study wrong and made positive steps in the right direction if it was at all possible. To see the negative in something, someone, or even our self can be good if handled and addressed in a positive and progressive way. Maybe the great snow storm of 2011 will prove to be a catalyst for revelations creating better and healthier relationships.

Just a thought

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  1. It's interesting you talked about this. I thought some things myself. Working in retail and having to get there for maybe two or three hours was interesting in and of itself. People still cam in screaming cabin fever (after 2-3 days) which said to me that THEY were not comfortable with their own energy. Your home should be your sanction, your temple, your sacred place to feel comfortable. If you cant sit in YOUR own home for 2-3 days there is something terribly wrong with the energy you have created in that home. I know for myself, I could have stayed a week or so. The peace, harmony, connection to self and NOT the outside world. NO! I dont have screaming kids, but I do know that even within a household of screaming children I bore, I probably would have been okay. This is just me saying, something is wrong when we can not stand to be in our OWN energy.