Tuesday, January 11, 2011

A passing opportunity

So we all know about the big 2011 Snowstorm that has affected GA and the surrounding areas. Schools have shut down, highways, interstates and jobs are also non-functioning. Leaving many people indoors and getting really reacquainted with members of the same household.

What a great time to snuggle up, play games , eat great comfort food and catch up on things. All great opportunities, EXCEPT ...Ive not been doing the latter . I'm good at snuggling, eating and playing. *Sigh* Motivation is just not here. This is the perfect time to get out those blogposts that are floating in my head. Finish up my project for school, or even organizing my closets. No Motivation. Why? I don't know but, I'm just gonna ride this out with hopes that the "M word" will return to me.

Seriously hoping for some motivation and inspiration.....

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