Friday, January 28, 2011

What I realized about Joe

Earlier this week I made a decision to step away from the Joe. Okay, so maybe I took like 10 steps away. Everyone that knows me is aware of how I love thee, so needless to say it's been tough. I have always heard that coffee can really dehydrate a persons body, and that for every cup of coffee you should chase it down with two cups of water. A few years ago while under the care of my naturapath doctor, I was advised to leave the coffee alone.

Blah, blah , blah my love and borderline addiction kept me from heeding the counsel. Fast forward to the present day.... I'm looking in on a skin analysis demonstration by my esthetics's educator who very strategically allows my classmates and I to witness a classic case of completely dehydrated skin under the all seeing magnifying lamp. To say the least, I was scared straight !
Oh my goodness, What?!

After taking a closer look at my own skin with an esthetician's eye, I was able to see what I've been doing to my skin which is EXTERNAL. I don't even want to see what could be going on INTERNALLY. Needless to say I been moisturizing like it's going out of style and guzzling water like a fish taken out of it's element!

I am normally a person who tries to stay on the path of wellness, but by my own admittance I need encouragement in certain areas. I must admit nothing encourages a woman better than the threat of losing her external beauty (Vanity , I know).

I always say "TIMING IS EVERYTHING" , this all happens on the skirt tail of the Health and Wellness tweetup I attended two weeks ago.

Changes and growth occur when we are ready to receive them. Balance is key.
I'm motivated yet again.

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