Saturday, January 29, 2011

Pushing forward , possibilities and opportunities

I’m feeling really good right now, kinda breezy. My mind is swirling with ideas and possibilities. I love this feeling. It is the feeling that I get regarding entrepreneurship that pushes me to the next level. Then when I attended the Atlanta Blogger's Connect Seminar yesterday, I knew I was on the right track. According to Lamar Tyler it is called c.r.u.s.h. - can’t rest until something happens ! I have a passion for what I do and I am delighted that I can share it with others and at the same time make a living from it too. Can it get any better than that?
*Check the video
However , just in typical fashion of life nothing comes easy. Sometimes it is trial and error, blood sweat and tears along with many late nights deep in thought. Without encouragement and focus it is so easy to second guess myself, my intentions and my abilities. Which is why I was so happy to see an article sooo right on time from the execumama Akila. I don’t know how she knew my thoughts, how she understood my unspoken feelings but her post “3 reasons to not give up on entrepreneurship” was sheer perfection. ( not that I wanted to give up, but it can be hard on a sister sometimes)
*check her article
Between her post, The Gatekeepers Are Gone web series and my own ambitions. I am ready for the next level. I believe I can do it. What about you? Do you have similar feelings about your own possibilities and opportunities? Go for it!

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  1. You gave me goosebumps, Sandra! That CRUSH video is the dopeness, and the reason I "knew your thoughts" is because we're not so unlike many of our sisters in the journey to our ideal lives. Thank you for your generous compliments; I work hard to stay quiet enough to hear what comes through me and stay wide open when I write. If that resonates with you, that's because you're ready for it, and I'm so excited for you!!!!