Thursday, January 6, 2011

Just call me Mommy Dearest

I was thinking last night, a recurring thought that I am similar to my mother. Yeah I admit it, the woman who I thought was pretty eccentric and took drastic measures to get her point across is actually living somewhere inside of me. She has taken up residence and like an annoying nieghbor she kind of likes to make surpise visits in my mind when I least expect it.

It seems to always happen when I'm dealing with the kids.*hint* It is always then at the hieght of the kid crisis that I think "Aha! I know what will fix 'em" and then I have my "Ramona Moment". The moment when my kids look at me like they are certain I am from another planet, the look that says " is this CHICK for real, for real? " For a brief moment as I look in their eyes I totally understand how THEY feel, but in another flash I totally understand how SHE felt. Then I proceed with my own eccentric and drastic measures mixed with some of hers, to get my point across...

Mothers have to do what they gotta do to raise decent, moral, respectable citizens (as my mother would say) and now that I am a mother, I concur. Does that make me "Ramona - Like" ? Maybe so...oh well, maybe it's not that bad after all.

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