Monday, November 22, 2010

... Featuring Norah Jones

Okay, I hate to admit it but I cannot say that I was a Norah Jones fan prior to now. I know, some of you might be staring blankly at the screen right now wondering "what's my deal. " Really I don't know why I never liked to listen to her sing I Don't Know Why...Go figure.

Fast forward to 2010 with the release of her newest CD featuring cameos, duets and collaborations with many other artists that I absolutely love. Her work with artists such as Herbie Hancock, Talib Kweli, Dolly Parton and Willie Nelson has me scratching my head and wondering where I went wrong with this woman. Obviously I had a misconception, and closed minded view of her talent. I allowed my opinion of one song to over shadow all of her other work. Shame on me.

When given the chance to review her CD I went for it, looking for a chance to try something new and was pleasantly surprised. I could not get enough of it! I am playing this CD daily hearing her renditions of certain songs I was already familiar with such as ; Baby It's Cold Outside & Here We Go Again. I have even been turned on to other songs and artists that I have not heard of before such as ; the Dirty Dozen Band (Ruler of my heart) , The Little Willies (Love Me) and Sasha Dobson (Bull Rider).

The musical selections span over a period of 9 years. Obviously 9 years that I have missed out on. Excuse me while I hit the repeat button...

The Cd is available in stores now. Go to Norah Jones Official website for more info. You can also check out her YouTube channel for interviews and behind the scene scoops on her collaborations.
*No money was given for the review of this CD. However through my affiliation with One 2 One network, I was provided the CD to give my honest opinion*

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