Thursday, November 11, 2010

Hidden lessons from dear aunt Shirley

Lately, I have been in heavy thought about my dear, great aunt Shirley. She always held a special place in my heart since as long as I can remember. Perhaps it was her stylish ways that just kept me captivated. She was full of color, and had a very engaging smile and a LA-DEE-DA way about herself. She was such the diva in our family, and she gladly let it be known too! That is sort of the joke among some family members, when we begin to act in "high society"ways that are reminiscent of Shirley. Each of us secretly wanting to have some characteristics of her apart of us.....I mean, it's in our DNA to have a little bit of diva in us right? Only Natural.

*I pause in recollection, with a smile*

Well lately, I have been feeling so close to her although she is passed on. I feel close to her in the sense that I am finding myself drawn to some of the things that was so "classic" of her, putting her in my thoughts almost daily. Feeling like I can understand her reasoning on somethings, and wondering if this was the age of which she began to "be" the certain way that we all came to love about her. It makes me smile, when I see her reflected in me as I am more and more doing small things like her.

There were two things that she always did; 1) She always drank champagne and 2) she always wore sexy satiny lounge wear. In my memory of her, she did not have a special occasion to do these things. It was her routine. She was fancy and glamorous. Up until recently I just used to laugh it off, and think that was just her being "extra". But I have to realize lately that she was on to something and we just needed to catch up to her level. *side eye, sly grin*
It is in my understanding that her doing these things signified that she celebrated each day. She did not need anything special to sip champagne or wear her satiny pj's....she was worth it all the time. What a lesson! How often do I, do we live our life like it is a celebration? When do we take the time to appreciate our selves, and the small blessings that we have? My aunt Shirley was not a wealthy woman , but she appreciated the fine things, and according to her standards she had the best and she basked in it.

Tomorrow is not promised to anyone, enjoy the blessings in your life today. Share them with your family & friends. Don't wait for the special occasion to use your good china, or your nice tea set. I plan to Be like Aunt Shirley the Diva and pull out the champagne glass, pour myself some bubbly and relax in my satin pj's & robes....remembering that life in itself should be a celebration. The fact that I have yet another day to be my best self is a joyous occasion all it's own.

A valuable lesson indeed. Thanks Aunt Shirley....


  1. Awww. It's good to remember loved ones.
    I will say that you definitely resemble your aunt a lot.

  2. I was at the store the other day remembering that I used to wear more satiny things. The bigger and older I got, the more I went for comfort. I bought a bunch of batik cotton loungers the other day and when I caught a glimpse of myself I asked "when did I become a hippy?" I guess I'm a hippy and a bit of a diva. The economy has me a lot less diva-like.

    I think Aunt Shirley is so right, and I will be picking up something special for me today!

  3. It's interesting how we "walk" like those who came before us. My oldest daughter has my grandmother (her great grand) all over her - up, down and all around. It's funny seeing my grandmother's habit and ways in my daughter. As she gets older I'm sure she'll realize that as well.

    I see some things have changed around here since I was here last! Interesting color choices. :-D Just a suggestion: You may want to widen your middle column and adjust your video parameters when you use them.