Sunday, April 18, 2010

Flying by the seat of my pants

Recently a friend on facebook asked the question :

..".What makes you feel most alive? Don't try to figure out what the world needs more of; try to figure out what you do that makes you feel most alive. The minute you find the answer go do it. What the world needs most is people who are alive... What makes you feel most alive?"

I thought about this interesting question and came up with a few simple answers . But then yesterday my children, my cousin and I decided to take in the sights at the Atlanta Dogwood Festival. We had no definite plans other than we knew we wanted to go. It had been decided that because there was so much going on in the city, driving was out of the question and so we took the public transportation.

We got on the train in the right direction but not sure of what station to get off on. But that was okay, we figured we will get there one way or the other. After riding for about 10 minutes we figured it out and got off on the correct stop. ...No biggie. Once we got off we were not sure which shuttle to take , we asked around and figured it out...No biggie. Once in the park We are enjoying the arts and of course people watching, not really going in any specific direction. A few times my cousin asked " which part do you want to walk to?" "what do you want to look at first?" My reply was simple " doesn't matter, lets just go with the flow, do whatever". And so we walked arm and arm..doing whatever and loving it.

Later on we realize as it is getting dark that there is a big outdoor screen in the open field. There was about to be a movie played outdoors. Oh wow! We were excited, but then we notice we have no blanket, no snacks or beverages...totally unprepared for this activity. Did our lack of preparation deter us? NO WAY...we simple improvised. We found a store withing walking distance and bought the items we needed, came back to the park and enjoyed the screen on the green. We had everything we wanted and needed, except a blanket. We improvised, huddled close together in the night air laughing and cheering with the crowd...No biggie.

At the end, my dear husband came to pick us up ( because of course we missed the last shuttle and did not want to ride the train back home)...No biggie

To some of you reading this you might think that I am a little crazy for doing all that without any real forethought. Thinking that we just was flying by the seat of our pants. Well, sometimes we do, but that is what makes life interesting. There is always an adventure waiting to happen and THAT is what makes me feel ALIVE.

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