Sunday, April 25, 2010

Fit and Healthy Friday's - week# 3 of Blogger challenge

Well, I missed my post for the 2ND week and so this week will be for week two and three combined.

I don't have too much to post....I know, I know. Well I can honestly say that I have been keeping up with my healthy eating 95% of the time. This entire week I have only had variations of salmon & shrimp. I have fallen off the wagon with the fruit eating though. I know that I should really cut out the coffee and wine drinking BUT...

So! I am continuing my journey in being mobile but I still continue to just walk. I have not gotten to the water aerobics class or the Zumba class yet, but it is on my "to do list". I'm a little bit of a slow starter sometime, but the best thing is that I am doing something. I am not discouraged or disappointed in myself, because it is what it is. I think taking SMALL STEPS to a healthy life is better than taking NO STEPS. I do what I can do within my own abilities. One area of concern for myself, though is my water intake. I know that I am not drinking it enough. I don't know why this is such a challenge for me! I think this week I will try to spruce up my water a little bit, by adding mint leaves, orange slices or cucumber slices.

My partners in this healthy eating challenge are doing great! If you get a chance stop by their blogs to see what they are doing. I know you will find some very good tips there , such as a very tasty & healthy Gumbo recipe and what to eat for an organic CLEANSE . These ladies are really on the ball, which is motivating for me and I'm sure you will find it motivating as well.

I hope I do better this week...


  1. My husband and I are doing a cleanse this week! It's time to get healthy!! :D

  2. Come on out to Zumba with me! It would be fun! Only $5.00 per class on Mondays, Tuesdays, and Thursdays!