Friday, April 9, 2010

Fit and Healthy Friday's - week#1 of Blogger challenge

Okay so here it is the end of week number one of the healthy eating blogger challenge. As I mentioned before there are a group of us blogger's engaged in this challenge for the month of April. What you see above is a collage of pictures and information about ourselves that each blogger is required to if you don't already know much about me anyway. Hehehehehe!

Anyhow, I'll go ahead and tell you about my week. Good things first, I started to get mobile! I got off my but and went walking a few times this week. The weather has been great and so I was encouraged to get out and walk for about 45 minutes. Yay me! I can see it thighs will be shrinking!

I have increased my protein intake and cut out the fried foods. My diet this week has consisted of primarily grilled fish and skinless chicken breast, along with a green salad. I have had very little starch and I am increasing my fiber by eating about 3 apples a day, often before a meal, along with drinking 8 ounces of prune juice each morning.

The bad things...I am still craving my snacks and so I have not totally given them up. What I have done is put limits upon myself. Changed my portion size of a snack, such as only eating about two table spoons of the ice cream instead of three scoops (less guilt). I went to the movies on Sunday and indulged in popcorn and soda. I managed to have control though...instead of my regular two buckets of popcorn, I only had ONE bucket. TRUST ME that is a huge accomplishment. I LOVE MY POPCORN.

I plan on kicking things up a notch or two next week...I'm gonna join water aerobics! Stay tuned for next Friday's post.

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