Monday, December 28, 2009

One Simple Act

Walking into a store a man OR woman decides to hold the door open for you. An older woman is walking who needs assistance is approached by a young boy to steady her steps. Giving a listening ear to a friend in need. Providing a day of babysitting for a single parent or stay at home mom free of charge, so they can have a break. Giving a donation to someone in need. What do all of these situations have in common? They are all simple acts of kindness. Simple acts of thoughtfulness and generosity. Although simple, they are powerful.

It's all about paying it forward. We are living in a society where there is so much selfishness and individualism. Each one forgetting about the needs of their fellow man/woman, not realizing that kindness begets kindness and would really make the world a better place. Human lives are all intertwined where one good or bad deed can and will create a domino effect. However how much more fulfilling and satisfying is it when you know that YOUR good deed created a chain of happiness to others? Releasing wonderful endorphins into the atmosphere...sigh.

Recently I had the privilege of participating in the McHappy Day at McDonald's. This enlightening experience gave my children and I an opportunity to learn about McDonald's support of the Ronald McDonald House Charities. Along with other bloggers we were able to work behind the counter and the drive through of a Decatur, Ga McDonald's, owned and operated by a very enthusiastic and passionate Carrie Salone. While being McDonald's employees for a while we had the opportunity to ask the customers to give a hand by donating a $1.00 to the RMHC. One dollar is all that was asked of each customer, one SIMPLE dollar. Small, yet powerful because each dollar donated went to help a sick child in need at the Ronald McDonald House. Providing a comfortable, healthy, beautiful and often times FREE accommodations for those experiencing the hardship of treating a serious illness.

After we were done working we were taken on a tour of the actual Ronald McDonald house in Atlanta. Let me just say I was completely imressed and touched by the care, consideration and love that it took to build this wonderful facility. It is equipped with a state of the art kitchen area. Several living rooms, perfect for reflecting, reading playing games or watching television. I was excited to see a very large laundry area and a library equipped with Internet and computers to make the residents feel as if they were in the comforts of their own home. The design of each room was carefully thought through, each room has a special filtering system to keep the air as clean as possible to prevent further illness to the children with sensitive immune systems. In fact, this particular house is the only Eco friendly house available. Leading the way for more to come, I'm sure.

We were able to hear testimonies from a few families who have benefited from this charity and believe me when I say it was moving. My eyes were certainly opened and I have to admit that I inwardly felt shame. Shame, because I have been to McDonald's and seen the donation boxes for the RMHC and dismissed it as some sort of scam not really knowing or believing that my simple act of dropping in some change would really go to such a worthy cause. However, now that I have seen for myself first hand what those small donations can do for these children and their families I will be a supporter. Even in such a small way as dropping in a few coins when purchasing my meals.

How else can you and I help? I know you want to know... Well, other than dropping in a few coins, food can be donated to the RMHC as well as books, toys or games for the residents. So what simple acts can you do? Some one needs a day it may be you, it may be me.

Here is a link to the pictures that was taken of our enlightening day;

*To read more about doing simple acts read this great book by Debbie Macombes, One simple act.*

*For information about the Ronald McDonald House Charities go to and

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  1. Giving is very satisfying! I think we all need to realize that giving of ourselves is one of the best things we can do to help each other. Even if we can't give money, we can also give time or something we already have that someone else can use more than we can.

    Sounds like you had a great time. Fulfilling.